Threat Call to Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik is getting death threats! enhanced security


  • Nawab Malik is getting death threats
  • Threats to kill are coming to NCP office
  • Nawab Malik has opened a front against NCB
  • Nawab Malik calls NCB’s action fake

Maharashtra cabinet minister Nawab Malik said that ever since I raised my voice against Narcotics Control Bureau, I am getting threatening calls from all over the country. In which it is being said that you will be destroyed. Therefore, the Maharashtra government has tightened my security system even more. The security cover which I was getting at present has been enhanced even more.

Questions were raised on the action of NCB
A few days back, Nawab Malik had termed the raid on a cruise by the Narcotics Control Bureau as fake. For which he also presented many evidences. He had also alleged that the NCB raid on Cruz was done at the behest of the BJP.

During the NCB action, a BJP leader Manish Bhanushali was seen dragging Aryan Khan and other accused to the NCB office. Apart from him, a man named KP Gosavi was also bringing the accused detained by NCB to the office. Later, the Narcotics Control Bureau described both these people as their Punch Witness. Since then the war between Malik and NCB has started.

my son-in-law innocent
Another turning point has emerged in the ongoing battle between Maharashtra cabinet minister and senior NCP leader Nawab Malik and the Narcotics Control Bureau. Nawab Malik again raised question marks on Narcotics Control Bureau in a press conference on Thursday. Nawab Malik said that no ganja was recovered from his son-in-law. He was falsely accused by NCB.

herbal tobacco was found

Nawab Malik said that the Narcotics Control Bureau does not understand any difference between tobacco and drugs. No ganja was recovered from my son-in-law. Rather, herbal tobacco was found from him.

Nawab Malik said that when the photographs were mentioned in the court. Then the public prosecutor said that we had given permission to take these pictures. After this, when the second question was asked to the public prosecutor, whatever is visible in the pictures. Why isn’t it sealed? On this, the public prosecutor had no answer and he directly accused the media and said that it must have been opened by the media personnel while taking pictures.

Sameerarrest of
Nawab Malik said that my son-in-law Sameer was arrested on January 13. At that time, it has been alleged that a huge quantity of ganja has been recovered from them. But no ganja was recovered from my son-in-law. Nawab Malik said that my son-in-law was implicated on false charges and sent to jail. And he had to stay in prison for several months.

Sharad Pawar supported
Nawab Malik said that when this serious allegation was made on my family. At that time my family and I were going through a terrible situation. People were asking me and party chief Sharad Pawar questions about my son-in-law. At that time Sharad Pawar encouraged me and said that whatever crime his son-in-law has committed. He should get his punishment. But no father-in-law should be punished for the mistake of son-in-law.

Maharashtra cabinet minister and senior NCP leader Nawab Malik


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