Revealed in the genome report, 89 percent of Kovid patients in Mumbai suffer from Omicron

Mumbai: The Delta variant of Corona once dominated the country’s financial capital, but now it has been replaced by Omicron. In the 8th Genome Sequencing Report of BMC, Omicron has been confirmed in 89 percent of the patients infected with Kovid. Samples of 280 Kovid patients were sent to the Genome Sequencing Lab in Kasturba, out of which Omicron variants have been found in 248 patients. While 8% i.e. delta derivative has been found in 21 samples and delta variant in 11. BMC Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani said that this report clearly shows that Delta has been completely overtaken by Omicron.

Omicron overtakes the Delta variant
Let us tell you that on December 21, the third wave of Corona started in Mumbai. The third wave became more contagious due to Omicron. BMC Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani told that Omicron has gradually overtaken the deadly Delta variant. In the genome sequencing of more than 300 samples found on December 21 and 22, Omicron variants were found in 37 percent or 141 samples. Now the evidence for this was found increased in the seventh and eighth genome sequencing. Omicron variant was found in 156 out of 282 samples reported by Seventh Genome Sequencing, while Omicron variant was found in 248 out of 280 samples reported by Eighth Genome Sequencing. Kakani said that in the 8th Genome Sequencing Report, delta derivatives have been confirmed in 21 samples and delta variants in only 11 samples.

99 did not take a single dose of the vaccine
A special thing has definitely emerged in this genome sequencing. In this genome sequencing, there were 7 samples that took the same dose. Out of this, 6 patients required hospitalization. In genome sequencing, there were 99 people who did not take a single dose of the corona vaccine. Out of this, 76 people needed hospitalization, while out of 174 patients who took two doses, 89 patients had to be hospitalized, in which 2 needed oxygen and 15 needed ICU.

13 patients under the age of 18
Of the 280 samples, there were 13 samples in the age group below 18 and all had the Omicron variant. In this sample, maximum 7 samples were in the age group of 13 to 18. Whereas less i.e. 2 samples were from 0 to 2 age group.

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