Yakub Memon Controversy: Video of Kishori Pednekar with alleged relatives of Tiger Memon goes viral; BJP-Shiv Sena allegation-counter-allegation

Yakub Memon Controversy: The video of Shiv Sena deputy leader and former mayor of Mumbai Kishori Pednekar’s meeting with Rauf Memon has gone viral in the wake of the Yakub Memon Grave Controversy. It is alleged that Rauf Memon threatened to decorate Yakub Memon’s grave in the name of Tiger Memon. After the viral video of Kishori Pednekar, accusations have started in BJP and Shivsena. Kishori Pednekar said BJP’s allegations are laughable.

According to the viral video, Kishori Pednekar is in a meeting. Rauf Memon is also present in this meeting. Apart from that, other persons, officers are also seen. This meeting is said to be at the Bada Kabrastan meeting. Information is emerging that Rauf was present in that meeting even though he was not related to Bada Kabrastan and Juma Masjid. This video is said to be from 2021.

BJP MLA  Atul Bhatkhalkar targeted Shiv Sena. The trustees of Bada Kabrastan were threatened in the name of Tiger Memon. It was reported. However, the then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray did not take any action. The trustees complained to Nawab Malik as Minority Minister. However,  even after that no action was taken. Orders came from Dubai to decorate the tomb of Yakub Memon. However, due to  Nawab Malik’s relationship with Dawood, no action was taken against him. So, Uddhav Thackeray ignored the allure of Chief Ministership. Therefore, Bhatkhalkar alleged that no inquiry was ordered in this case. Bhatkhalkar has demanded an inquiry into the Mahavikas Aghadi leaders and their relationship with the Memon family. 

Kishori Pednekar denies allegations, tells BJP

Shiv Sena deputy leader and former Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar has rejected the BJP’s allegations. BJP is trying to apply the bark of the vada to Pimpla. During my tenure as mayor, I also visited temples, gurdwaras, Jain temples, mosques after receiving complaints that water was flooded and power supply was cut off in some places. Meanwhile Yashwant Jadhav who was in Shiv Sena at that time was also with him. He had turned a deaf ear to the complaint. After that we had a meeting. Municipal officials are also present in this meeting. Many people are present during the discussion. 

He asked how to know who is present in this meeting. Being a mayor, one has to meet people from all constituencies. Attempts are being made to find some photos and videos of that meeting and link it. Kishori Pednekar said that Mumbaikars have an idea about this. He claimed that attempts are being made to incite the moderate leadership of Shiv Sena, Shiv Sainiks. He said that efforts are being made to make the Shiv Sainiks aggressive and commit violence.

BJP tola

BJP’s people are upside down people. Kishori Pednekar also accused the BJP of not having anything to do with Buddhi. Pednekar said that there is an attempt to cast aspersions on a middle class woman like me. 

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