Winter Assembly Session : Funding for only three assembly constituencies in Nagpur district; The measure leans towards the ruling party

Nagpur News : The results of the change of power have been seen in the state and the flow of money has started increasing in the constituencies of BJP MLAs. Two days ago, demands for crores of rupees were presented in the assembly. Constituencies of MLAs from the ruling party have been given a bias in asking for this supplement. Out of the six assembly constituencies in Nagpur district, only three assembly constituencies were funded. In this two constituencies BJP (BJP) while in one constituency the Shinde group (Eknath Shinde Group MLA) is MLA. 

Now Shinde Sena and BJP government has come in the state. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis (Devendra Fadnavis) has a financial account. He is also the Guardian Minister of Nagpur District. During the Mahavikas Aghadi government, there was a cry from the district planning committee that less funds were given to the constituencies of BJP MLAs. After coming to power, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis suspended the planning framework of all the districts. 

The constituencies of ‘these’ MLAs got funds…

Now the expenditure for the current years has been sanctioned. But still the restrictions on the funds received in the previous financial year have not been removed. Therefore, it is understood that new funds will be given to the districts that have suffered injustice. 52 thousand crore supply demands have been approved in the winter session. Accordingly, funds worth crores were approved for Kamthi, Hingana and Ramtek assembly constituencies in Nagpur district. But in other constituencies it is understood that no funds have been given for any work. However, Hingana Legislative Assembly MLA Sameer Meghe and Kamathi Tekchand Savarkar are both BJP MLAs. Ashish Jaiswal is the MLA of Ramtek Assembly Constituency. They belong to the Shinde group.

Two oxygen plants stalled due to lack of funds!

In the second wave of Corona, many people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. Oxygen plants are being set up at two places in the district to prevent the outbreak of corona or any other time in the future. However, the work of both the plants is at a standstill and the materials are also dusty. Shocking information has come forward that the plant has stalled due to lack of funds. The question is whether the government will fund this plant only after people die.

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