Who exactly is the mastermind of the ‘sleeper cell’ network of wildlife trafficking in Nashik?

Nashik News Update : Two suspects have been detained for smuggling leopard skins within the limits of Nanashi forest area in Nashik’s Dindori area. On the other hand, two suspects have been arrested today after a major operation by the Igatpuri forest team eight days ago while they were going to sell leopard skins. So there has been a lot of excitement. 

A few days ago, leopard skin smugglers were caught in a big crackdown near Trimbakeshwar. After that, the sleeper cells who smuggled leopard skin were produced in the court and they were granted conditional bail. After such a big operation, the sleeper cells smuggling leopard skins have been arrested again in Dindori area.

According to the information received from the forest department, the team of Igatpuri-Nashik-Nanashi forest area created a joint trap by creating fake customers. This action was taken on Ambegan fork in Nanashi forest area on Peth highway. In this, the suspects Motiram Mahadu Khoskar, Subhash Ramdas Gumbade who came to sell leopard skins were arrested red-handed. But the forest department has expressed the suspicion that a mastermind is involved in this. Accordingly, the search for this leader is underway by the forest department. 

Meanwhile, under the guidance of Chief Conservator of Forests Nitin Gudge, a team of Sub-Conservator of Forests Pankaj Garg, Assistant Conservator of Forests Anil Pawar, Forest Division Officer Ketan Biraris, Forest Division Officer Bhausaheb Rao etc. took this action. is The entire skin of the leopard has been seized from the suspects and further investigation is being conducted by Nanashi Forest Range Officer Savita Patil. Incidents of killing and selling organs are constantly in front. It can be seen from these incidents that the citizens of Trimbakeshwar, Mokhada, Peth etc. areas in Nashik are active in this. Being a forested area, it is home to wild animals. Taking advantage of this, shocking information has come to light that ‘sleeper cells’ are working to kill dead, weak leopards or any other animal in the forest area and sell its skin and other parts. Meanwhile, even though the sleeper cells in Trimbakeshwar, Peth, Mokhada etc. areas of Nashik do not know each other, preliminary police investigation has revealed that this is a ‘network’ of sleeper cells that have come together for trafficking.  

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