What is the exact number knowledge of students in Maharashtra? Shocking information comes out from the national survey report

Maharashtra School News: An important information regarding the students of the state has come to light. Shocking information has come to light that 40 percent of students studying in class III cannot read 4 digit numbers. The National Achievement Survey report has also revealed that 45 to 50 percent of students have difficulty in subtracting 3-digit sums. 

Government of India’s Nipun Bharat Abhiyan
National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes basic literacy and numeracy.  By 2026-27 every student should aim to acquire basic literacy and numeracy knowledge, the Government of India has implemented Nipun Bharat Abhiyan. According to the instructions of the Government of India, the Maharashtra State Educational Research and Training Council conducted a survey of a total of 5308 third class students in 578 schools in Maharashtra.


Let’s find out exactly what information has come out from this survey report

How much does a third class student in the state know number recognition, number reading?

60% of third graders in the state can read four-digit numbers

How well can students distinguish large numbers from small numbers?

57% of 3rd class students can recognize four digit numbers big numbers, small numbers

What percentage of students can subtract three-digit sums?

55% of third graders can add three-digit numbers and 37% can subtract three-digit numbers

How many percent of students understand calendar and time in clock?
– 61 percent students in third class understand calendar while 54 percent students know clock

What percentage of students know size?
49% of students studying  in third grade know size of objects

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