Vinayak Mete: CID inquiry into Vinayak Mete accident case, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde orders

Mumbai :  Late leader of Shiv Sangram Vinayak Mete (Vinayak Mete) passed away accidentally. After this accident, many questions were raised   After that, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has ordered a CID inquiry into the accidental death of Vinayak Mete. Chief Minister has given orders to the Director General of Police.  

Vinayak Mete’s wife Jyoti Mete  What happened in those two hours of the accident? It was demanded that this should be investigated. In this way, an audio clip is now going viral on social media. The voice in this audio clip is claimed to be that of Annasaheb Maikar who was with Vinayak Mete before the accident and was close to him. After that, the accidental death of Mete has been taken seriously by the state government. The Chief Minister has ordered the Director General of Police to conduct a CID inquiry into Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.  

 Vinayak Mete’s car on 14th August at five o’clock in the morning in Mumbai Pune Express Highway. He unfortunately died in this accident. After this, Chief Minister Shinde immediately went to MGM Hospital in Navi Mumbai and met him. Speaking to the media at that time, he had announced that a thorough investigation would be conducted into this death.  Accordingly, today he has ordered the State Director General of Police Rajnish Seth to conduct a CID inquiry into the death and submit his findings.

Meanwhile Vinayak Mete’s nephew Balasaheb Chavan has suspected Mete’s driver and demanded an investigation. Vinayak Mete’s driver is currently in police custody.  Mete’s nephew has alleged that Vinayak Mete’s driver is giving different answers. It is also alleged that Mete’s  driver asked for the location and he did not reply. 

Activists of Shiv Sangram Aggressive

Maharashtra. Therefore, the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister should look into the matter and investigate the accident at the earliest. The activists have demanded that the number of the car which chased them a few days ago has also been revealed and the police should search for it too. 

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