Vijay Mane, who looks like Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, runs to the High Court, demands that the case be quashed

Mumbai: Vijay Mane, who looks exactly like the current Chief Minister of the state Eknath Shinde  (CM Eknath Shinde) in the High Court  (Bombay High Court) has run. Because Vijay Mane has approached the Bombay High Court demanding that the case filed against him in Pune should be quashed and it is likely that his plea will be heard soon."text-align: justify;"> Bandgaardan Police Station got information that a photo of Vijay Mane, who is walking around as CM Eknath Shinde wearing the same costume, beard and clothes as Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, along with the innkeeper, has gone viral on social media. Then on Monday, when the officers of the anti-extortion squad two, who were patrolling, got information through social media, the police got a photo. In that photo, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde is standing and criminal Sharad Mohol is seen sitting in a chair.

Taking serious note of this  against Vijay Nand Kumar Mane on the charge of cheating by pretending to be Chief Minister Pune City Crime Branch has registered a case under section 419 (cheating), section 469 (forgery, making documents with forged signatures), section 500 (defamation, defamation). Mane, Adv. Filed through Asim Sarode. It has been claimed in this petition that the action taken by the police against Vijay Mane was prima facie rash, wrong and illegal. Therefore, it has been demanded through the petition that this crime should be quashed. The petition is likely to be heard in the High Court soon. 

After Chief Minister Shinde took charge of the state, the discussion of Vijay Mane also started. Vijay Mane used to dress like the Chief Minister. He also used to get invitations for many events. Videos of him dancing during Ganapati’s time also went viral. After this he met the Chief Minister and also raised the issues in his area. 


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