Truck Driver Lane Change Accident, Biggest Update on Accidents! How did Mete’s accident happen?

Vinayak Mete  News  : Shiv Sangram leaders Vinayak Mete (Vinayak Mete)  He died accidentally. After Mete’s demise, grief is being expressed from all walks of life. Meanwhile, after Mete’s accident, there has been a demand to investigate the accident. Along with this, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has ordered an inquiry. Mumbai-Pune The incident took place on Mumbai Pune Express Highway.  Mete died on the spot due to brain injury. The doctor said that he was declared dead as soon as he was admitted to the hospital. Many arguments are being made about how exactly this accident happened. Now an important information has come out about this. 

There was an accident 

Vinayak Mete was sitting on the left side of the rear seat. His bodyguard was on the driver’s side in the front seat. Mete’s car was in the middle lane of the highway. A 10-wheeler truck was running on the third lane. The truck driver tried to enter the middle lane from the third lane. Mete’s car was speeding at this time. Mete’s car collided with the truck as it suddenly came into the truck. The driver could not control the car. Mete’s car hit the right side of the truck from the left side. Mete was asleep at the time, so before he knew it, he was struck in the head by a speeding blow. Mete died on the spot. Mete did not receive help for a long time after the accident. The truck driver is absconding after this accident. Police are inspecting it through CCTV. It is reported that 8 teams have been appointed for investigation. 

According to the information provided by the police, Vinayak Mete was on his way to Mumbai in his Ford Endeavor MH 01 DP 6364.  The hospital doctor said that he had an accident at five in the morning. Mete suffered serious head injuries. Mete died on the spot due to brain injury. As soon as he was admitted to the hospital, the doctor said that he was declared dead. 

The truth behind the incident should come out, the entire incident should be investigated – Abasaheb Patil

How many more Marathas will sacrifice for reservation? Today the Chief Minister had called a meeting of the Maratha community, for which Vinayak Mete was coming to Mumbai. The accident took place while coming from the Mumbai Expressway and the ambulance did not come for almost two hours. So is it an accident or an accident?  The truth behind the incident should come out. The entire incident should be investigated. Abasaheb Patil, coordinator of Maratha Kranti Morcha, has made such a demand to the state government."" data-block="true" data-editor="581b9" data-offset-key="e7lib-0-0">

Chief Minister ordered an inquiry into the matter

The news of Vinayak Mete’s death is very unfortunate. I can’t believe this incident. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has expressed the feeling of losing a leader who fought continuously for the Maratha community. He did many agitations to provide justice for the Maratha community. The Chief Minister also said that Vinayak Mete had met me last week and expressed his hope that the Maratha community would get justice. So today is a very sad day. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has expressed the feeling that there has been an irreparable damage to politics. Fadnavis also said that the chief minister had ordered an inquiry into the matter.

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