Those who gave promises of development visited Jalgaon; Eknath Khadse attacked Girish Mahajan again

Maharashtra Jalgaon News : Jalgaon (Jalgaon) Many organizations protested for the poor roads, which is a matter of concern to the citizens of the city. But the condition of the roads is the same. Now senior leaders for these roads should be done Girish Mahajan (Girish Mahajan), Minister

Eknath Khadse inspected the roads of various places in Jalgaon city. Mayor Jayashree Mahajan of the Uddhav Thackeray group in the Municipal Corporation and NCP officials were with Khadse. Roads that are already in bad condition and on the other hand the roads that were completed a year ago. Eknath Khadse has alleged that it was also made of inferior quality. Along with the roads, the works of underground sewers, Amrit Yojana, Solid Waste Project in the city are all in a state of disrepair and Khadse took charge of the affairs of the Municipal Corporation in front of the Mayor Jayashree Mahajan. After this, taking his own stand, Khadse also explained while talking to the journalists that he is only talking about the road works and the municipal corporation has nothing to do with it. 

Minister Girish Mahajan had promised that if Jalgaon city is not developed, he will not come to ask for votes. The development did not happen, on the contrary, Jalgaon city was destroyed. The road works were given to the Public Works Department to get contracts for their own sidekicks, and Khadse, without naming names, made serious allegations against the current Minister Girish Mahajan, Minister Gulabrao Patil.

Khadse targeted MLA Suresh Bhole and MP Unmesh Patil saying that local MLAs and MPs are also responsible for the MLAs elected by Janate. People’s money is being wasted, now people need to answer those whom they have voted for, who have given big promises of development, they need to stand by those who will do the work, Khadse said that he will raise his voice in the Legislative Assembly regarding these roads. Khadse has also warned that there will be a strong agitation through NCP Congress.

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