The sudden change in political situation is the main reason behind the arrest, claims Sanjay Raut in the Bombay High Court

Sanjay Raut: He was arrested in the mail scam case only because of the political rivalry that arose after the change in the political situation in the state. Therefore, Sanjay Raut has submitted his affidavit in the High Court claiming that the sudden change in the political situation in the state is the main reason behind his arrest. The ED has filed a petition in the High Court demanding the cancellation of the bail granted to Raut after his arrest on charges of financial misappropriation in the letter case. Answering it, Sanjay Raut has filed this affidavit in the High Court. Raut has also opposed the plea seeking cancellation of bail by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

Clarifying that he was illegally arrested by the ED in the much-discussed Patrachal redevelopment case in Goregaon, a special PMLA court on November 9 released Sanjay Raut on bail on a personal bond of Rs 2 lakh. Against this decision of the court, the ED has urgently filed an appeal in the Bombay High Court and demanded a stay of this bail. An affidavit has now been filed on behalf of Rauta in response to that petition. Rautani also claimed that the ED’s petition is without merit, baseless and motivated by political motives and the observations and comments made by the special court while granting bail are necessary as a deterrent to all investigations and maintain faith in the judiciary.

The Special PMLA Court gave opportunity to the parties to present their case and argue. After hearing the arguments of the parties, the court has recorded these observations while granting bail after considering all the evidence. Raut has also claimed that he is a victim of ED’s shallow administration and arbitrary arrest policy. Raut has also said that since he is a political leader, the action against him is due to the conflict between the ideology and methodology of the ruling party and the opposition party.

Every political party and leader wanted Goregaon Patra Chali to be redeveloped. That is why we attend the meetings for the redevelopment of Patra Chali. Participating in any project discussion meeting is not a crime. In this case, there was no evidence to prove that any illegal work or crime had been committed, and direct arrest action was taken against him. That is why Raut has also claimed that the arrest was done only for political reasons. ED has registered two cases against Sanjay Raut’s close associate Praveen Raut. However, it has been mentioned in the affidavit that the business dealings of Raut’s family have been made a crime here.

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