‘That’ letter writer from Osmanabad breathed a sigh of relief, removed a three to four inch thick layer of sander.

Osmanabad News Update : A letter writer has breathed a sigh of relief after removing a three to four inch thick layer from the sculpture of a letter writer at Mankeshwar in Paranda taluka of Osmanabad district. After removing the shendor layer, the temple authorities and the villagers promised to clean the area by removing the remaining shendor and promised to take vigilance so that this type of thing does not happen again. This is expressing satisfaction from the archeology department and history lovers.  

This sculpture of Patralekhika at the Mankeshwar temple in the district was covered under a layer of clay for the past several years. Adjacent to the Mankeshwar temple is the temple of Satwai Devi. Many devotees visit this temple. Legend has it that Goddess Satwai writes the future of children on a board. The Mankeshwar Temple, a Chalukya-era temple adjacent to the Satwai Devi temple, from which the village also derives its name, has a sculpture of a letter writer on its exterior. But, this letter writer was covered with a large layer of shedra. 

Conceiving this sculpture of a writer to be similar to the legend of Satwai Devi, people started applying shendur on it. As shendur was applied over the years, a thick layer had formed on the idol. So literally the original form of the idol was completely covered. Yesterday, when the Archeology Department and Aurangabad officials went to inspect the temple, they expressed strong displeasure over this. Taking the understanding of the temple administration and the villagers challenged the villagers to become aware of this ancient and very important heritage in their village. Responding to the challenge of the authorities, the temple administration and villagers removed all the shendur from the idol under the guidance of the Assistant Director of Archeology Department and officers. So this author’s sculpture breathed a sigh of relief after several years. 

After the shendur is removed, the action will soon be taken to prepare a detailed plan for the site management of the Mankeshwar temple. In line with this incident, the Department of Archeology is challenging all the citizens to be aware of their historical heritage and to preserve and conserve it and to ensure that this heritage is not damaged in any way. If found, the people there should be made aware of this heritage, they should be made aware that faith should be the eye.  
The archeology department is doing its work. But the contribution of ordinary citizens is equally expected in the work of preserving the heritage. Finally, everyone should remember that cultural heritage is by the people, of the people, for the people, the sentiments being expressed by the devotees. 

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