Thaiman of Lumpi in the constituency of Agriculture Minister, farmer Metakutila; Animals do not even get health treatment

Thaiman of Lumpi in the constituency of Agriculture Minister, farmer Metakutila;  Animals do not even get health treatment

Lumpy Skin Disease: In the state, the incidence of Lumpy Skin Disease in animals is still showing no sign of stopping. After Animal Husbandry Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil’s Ahmednagar, now it can be seen that Lumpy is literally in the constituency of Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar. According to a report by ‘Lokmat’, the animals of 3 farmers in Upali in Sattar’s Sillod constituency died of lumpy disease. Currently 35 to 40 animals are infected with lumpy in the village. So there is an atmosphere of anxiety among the farmers. 

Lumpi outbreak is being seen in rural areas. While the government is constantly claiming that lumpy disease is under control. But the situation is different at the local level. An example of the same is the situation in Abdul Sattar’s Upali village in Sillod taluka. Because Lumpy disease is rampant in Upli and farmer Prakash Chhagan Mandore’s bull died of Lumpy eight days ago. Also, Rabindra Sandu Jadhav’s cow worth Rs 50,000 died on November 19, while Hari Devidas Shejul’s calf died on November 25 and one cow died on November 26. Therefore, as the prevalence of lumpy is increasing day by day rather than decreasing, an atmosphere of fear has spread among the animal husbandry.

Forty animals affected in village alone

There is an atmosphere of fear among the farmers of Upali village in Sillod. Because the number of lumpy infected animals in the village has reached forty, veterinary department has not taken notice of this. Villagers have alleged that despite the administration claiming vaccination, no vaccination camp was organized in the village. But the cattle breeders have gone elsewhere and vaccinated their animals. 

Animals affected despite vaccination…

The administration is appealing to vaccinate the animals to keep them safe from lumpy. But the farmers have become despondent as it has come to light that the animals are getting infected even after vaccination. Many of the animals in the village are infected and the farmers are on a strike to keep their animals safe. In that Rabi season is going on and the animals are getting infected with lumpy, so Baliraja has come to Metakuti. So the farmers are demanding that the administration pay attention to this. 

Lumpy Skin Disease: The number of animal deaths due to lumpy is highest in Buldhana, 3993 cattle have died so far

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