Thackeray government took Maharashtra behind Gujarat in two years: Devendra Fadnavis

Mumbai :  While the atmosphere in the state has heated up over the Foxconn project, now Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has criticized the opponents. " I have spoken to Foxconn’s Agarwal. They were told that they were offering a better package than Gujarat, but by then they had signed an agreement with Gujarat. That agreement was made before our government came. But, some people are talking about this now, those who are talking should tell their achievements, the Mahavikas Aghadi government took the state behind Gujarat in two years. But we will bring the state back to number one, said Devendra Fadnavis.  

Lagu Udyog Bharati Pradesh Convention was organized in Mumbai today. Devendra Fadnavis was speaking in this. At this time, he strongly criticized the Mahavikas Aghadi government.  Mahavikas Aghadi government took Maharashtra behind Gurjat in two years. But now we will take the state back to number one. Gujarat is often discussed, recently more so. We are at the fourth position. But in 2017 we were number one. Unfortunately we went backwards in two years. Those who are talking now took Gujarat to number one. But I Maharashtra was taken to the first place. "We would have a refinery. 3 lakh 50 thousand crores would be invested from it. 5 lakh employment would come. Had the refinery been built, the state would have gone ahead by 10 years. But he was opposed. Devendra Fadnavis alleged that he spent a huge investment.    

"Their policy is to close everything. All will be closed then how will Gujarat move forward? We only expect you to have investment. Corruption means how much corruption is to be done. In the last two years, bribes had to be paid for the subsidy as well. There were five to six brokers who would buy the land first and the officials would take it. 
There are some brokers and some officials want to eat the money. Now there is no good for such officers. We will send such officers home now. This is what happens when you recruit with money. Devendra Phadnis has accused the Thackeray government that the money goes to the top. Devendra Fadnavis said, "Small scale industries are the backbone of our economy. When we think of big industry, the entire supply comes from small scale industry. Our effort is to strengthen the small scale industry in the state as well.  Our industries are getting a big opportunity to be a part of the global supply chain. Russia doesn’t trust China, so India has a chance. Due to the loss of trust of Western nations in China after Corona, these nations have faith in India. The state plays an important role in the industrial production of the country. It is important to clear up whatever problems you have."

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