Shraddha Murder Case : Forensic Expert Indrajeet Rai in Shraddha Walker Murder Case on ‘Maja’

Shraddha Murder Case: Shraddha Walker murder casehas shaken the whole country. There are many shocking revelations about this murder mystery that is shaking the country. A young woman named Shraddha Walker was strangled to death by her live-in partner Aftab in Delhi’s Mehrauli area. But he did not stop there. After that he cut the testicles into 35 pieces and stored them in the fridge. After that, they went to different localities in Delhi and dumped them at regular intervals. When this murder, which happened six months ago, came to light, Kaurya also came to the fore in this incident. Both were originally from Vasai. Shraddha’s love affair was opposed by her family. But defying this opposition, she lived in a live-in relationship with Aftab. It has come to light that Aftab killed her because she asked Aftab for marriage. Aftab has been arrested in this case. Also, the police are making further inquiries in this matter. 

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