Shivsena On Supreme Court Collegium: After all the mechanisms, now the government is trying to swallow the judiciary; Thackeray group attack on BJP

Shivsena On Supreme Court Collegium: Supreme Court and Central Govt

In the front page of ‘Samana’, the mouthpiece of the Shiv Sena Thackeray group, the Shiv Sena has criticized the stand taken by the central government.  Law Minister Kiran Rijiju insulted the judiciary by commenting on the Supreme Court. ‘Don’t say the file is pending with the government. Do not send file to Govt. You make your appointments.’ The Shiv Sena said that the Law Minister had tried to shock the judiciary by using such language. They want to say that we are the owner of the court and we will appoint the judges as per our wish. The Shiv Sena Thackeray group has demanded that the legal expert of the country, the opposition party should demand the resignation of Law Minister Rijiju. Senior advocate Harish Salve said that Rijiju has crossed the Laxman line. The foreword said that it is clear that the Law Minister has crossed the Laxman line i.e. he has started political interference in the judiciary. 

Give your people a ‘clean chit’ The Shiv Sena Thackeray group said that the competition for giving is currently going on and the government is trying to use the courts for that.  The Election Commission appointment case is currently going on in the Supreme Court and it has become clear that Modi’s government is appointing the Election Commission in an arbitrary manner. Seshan was mentioned by the Supreme Court. The Shiv Sena also reminded that the Supreme Court said that the country needs an Election Commission that has the courage to take action against the Prime Minister on occasion. 

The Center wants to appoint our people for this

Modi government wants to control all major institutions and systems of the country. It also includes courts. The ‘hoyba’ of our own thinking. The current central government’s policy is to destroy democracy, parliament and opposition parties by putting people in the judiciary and for that, the government needs the High Court, Supreme Court, public prosecutors ‘ours’ Shiv Sena has alleged that they want. 

What’s the matter?

Judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts are selected by the Jury i.e. Collegium. The collegium of the Supreme Court had sent a recommendation to the central government regarding the selection of judges. However, the central government did not take a decision on this. The Supreme Court said that the delay in the appointment of judges was very disappointing. Law Minister Rijiju said, “Don’t say that the file is pending with the government. Do not send file to Govt. You should make your appointments, he said. It has now created a controversy. 


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