Shivsena Morcha in Kolhapur: Shivsena march in Kolhapur to save inflation, ration

Shivsena Morcha in Kolhapur : Today, Shivsena took out a march in Kolhapur for the demands of burning gas, gas beyond threshold, ration rescue, stop GST on food grains, etc. The participation of women in this march was also significant. 

A march from Dussehra Chowk to the Collector’s office. Shiv Sena District Chief Sanjay Pawar, Vijay Devane, City Chief Ravikiran Ingwale, Sunil Modi led this march. Various demands were made by Shiv Sena in Dhadak Morcha.

Right to ration should be retained, minimum income limit for ration should be 2 lakhs, income based ration cards should not be closed, wheat, rice, dal should be given on orange   card, GST on food grains should be abolished, edible oil, dal, sugar on ration on Dussehra, Diwali This march was held for the demands of giving, stop biometric system, corruption in ration administration etc. 

Strong opposition from Kolhapur district

A campaign has been undertaken by the administration with the aim that along with employees and pensioners of the food security scheme, people with increased income should take the decision to stop ration food grains on their own and bring benefits to the poor. However, this is strongly opposed from Kolhapur district. 

Any person in the family of the beneficiaries of the Food Security Scheme who are doctors, lawyers, architects, chartered accountants, also pay business tax, sales tax, income tax, and also own four wheeler vehicles excluding taxis and rickshaws. The government expects that there is a pensioner or employed person in the family, whose income is more than 45 thousand in rural areas and more than 59 thousand in urban areas, to opt out of this scheme.

According to the government decision dated 19 October 2016 ‘Get out of food grain subsidy’ The objective behind this scheme is that such a person should go out with a big heart to participate in this scheme and help the needy and deprived people to get the benefit of the scheme. But it received very little response.

CPI(M) also marched for the right to ration on Friday 

Marxist Communist Party will also take out a march on September 23 at the Collectorate for various demands, including not giving up the right to grain, maintaining the right to ration. Principal A informed that the march will start from Dussehra Chowk at twelve o’clock in the afternoon. B. Patil and Dr. Submitted by Subhash Jadhav.

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