Sanjay Raut: Sanjay Raut’s ED custody will end today; Get bail? Hearing in court again today

Sanjay Raut: MP Sanjay Raut, who is under ED custody in the mail scam case, was sent to ED custody till August 4. ED had asked for eight days’ custody, but Raut’s lawyers strongly argued that Raut has cooperated with ED in everything, what is the need for eight days’ ED custody? This question was also raised. The court rejected the request of the ED and remanded him till August 4. 

Praveen Raut was paying Sanjay Raut two lakhs every month?

Sanjay Raut is related in Patra Chaal scam case and Sanjay Raut got money through Praveen Raut. ED has claimed that Praveen Raut was only a pawn, Sanjay Raut was the real mastermind, we have proof of this. Also, the ED counsel told the court that Raut had threatened two witnesses. If Sanjay Raut gets bail, he can threaten again or go further, also what is the real reason why Raut’s foreign trips are sponsored by businessmen and various people? Praveen Raut was giving Sanjay Raut two lakhs every month asking this question, for what? ED has also raised such a question. 

What charges did ED make against Sanjay Raut?

ED has alleged that Pravin Raut is just a front man and Sanjay Raut is directly involved in the mail scam case.

2. 1 crore 6 lakh rupees to Sanjay Raut 
Pravin Raut was looking at Patrachal Development. He received Rs 112 crores from HDIL group. Out of which Rs 1 crore 6 lakh 44 thousand was sent to the account of Sanjay Raut’s wife Varsha Raut. Land was purchased at Alibaug with the same money. The Raut family has directly benefited financially from the letter money scam. 

In the case whose name initially came up and who was prosecuted was Pravin Raut in name only, the ED claimed that the real accused in this case is Sanjay Raut. ED told the court that Sanjay Raut was doing all the transactions in front of Pravin Raut. Be it the money from the mail fraud or the house in Dadar and the land in Alibag, all the transactions were done on the advice of Sanjay Raut. Pravin Raut has been named along with Wadhawan brothers in the Yes Bank scam case and it is expected that Sanjay Raut will be questioned by the ED in the future."text-align: justify;"4. Sanjay Raut threatened witnesses
In this case, ED told the court that Sanjay Raut threatened two witnesses. If Sanjay Raut is released, he may commit such acts again, so the ED demanded that he be remanded for eight days. 

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