Sanjay Raut: ‘Kasaba to Zanki Hai, Maharashtra Abhi Baki Hai’, we will win 200 seats in Vidhan Sabha and 40 seats in Lok Sabha: Raut

Sanjay Raut : If we fight together as Maha Vikas Aghadi Kasba (Kasba) gets result and if a little bit here and there, then the result is like chinchwad. Shiv Sena MP (Thackare group) said that this is a lesson given by the voters of both the places""Sanjay Raut (Sanjay Raut) did it. The Kasba result is a guide for Maharashtra’s political future. By 2024, if the Mahavikas Aghadi works together strongly, more than 200 seats will be elected in the Legislative Assembly. It is also believed that 40 Lok Sabha seats will be elected Exposed by Sanjay Raut .

Chinchwad victory is not of BJP, it is of Vijay Jagtap pattern

In Chinchwad we made some mistakes. No one will believe that the victory of Chinchwad is the victory of BJP. Jagtap pattern has been going on in Chinchwad for many years. Sanjay Raut said that this victory is of Jagtap pattern. Raut also said that if we had taken more care while selecting candidates or if Rahul Kalate had withdrawn, the victory of Mahavikas Aghadi would have been certain. 

Punekar deserves congratulations, he did not succumb to Amisha

On the occasion of this election, we saw the display, display and distortion of power. Despite all this, the voters of Kasba and Pune should take a lesson from the slap given by the rulers. PuneKar deserves congratulations. They did not succumb to any kind of bait. Raut said that house-to-house payment was done. The people kicked Dhan Shakti. Kasbah is the beginning. Kasba to Zanki Hai, Maharashtra is yet to come. The subject of elections to local self-government bodies is taken up at the local level. Raut said that wherever possible, we Maha Vikas Aghadi will fight together. Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, Zilla Parishad is a different subject. Sanjay Raut said that this matter belongs to Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha.  

40 MLAs should check themselves first

If there is going to be an arrest as demanded by the MLAs of the Shinde group, then let the arrest happen. The law, the courts, the police have not been crushed under the box yet. Raut said that Ram Shastri is still alive. Raut also warned that these 40 MLAs should check their inner self first. I have full respect for the Legislature. My statement was for a particular faction.  I will not insult the legislature. Raut said because I am a member of that House. 

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