Relief to Sameer Wankhede: High Court’s temporary relief to Sameer Wankhede, protection from arrest upheld

Relief to Sameer Wankhede: High Court’s temporary relief to Sameer Wankhede, protection from arrest upheld

Relief to Sameer Wankhede : IRS officer and former zone director of NCB Sameer Wankhede (Sameer Wankhede) today by the Bombay High Court (Bombay High Court) granted temporary relief. He has been granted protection from arrest till June 8. However, the High Court has also ordered not to share the evidence related to the case in the media. The court directed the CBI to submit its report by June 3, after which the next hearing will be held five days later, i.e. on June 8. Sameer Wankhede accused by CBI of demanding Rs 25 lakh from Shahrukh Khan in Aryan Khan case (CBI) done.

What did the court say?

The hearing was held before a vacation bench of Justice Abhay Ahuja, Justice Milind Sathye. The High Court has taken serious notice of the allegations made by the CBI lawyers. The High Court has accepted the argument of Sameer Wankhede’s lawyer Abad Ponda. However, at the same time, the High Court has given strict instructions to ensure that there is no media trial. The court has restrained Sameer Wankhede from giving any information or messages regarding the investigation. Moreover, Wankhede has been directed to cooperate with the CBI in the inquiry and investigation. The court has instructed the CBI to submit the report by June 3 and the hearing will be held again on June 8. Therefore, until the hearing, Sameer Wankhede remains free from arrest.

What happened in the last two days?

The petition filed by Sameer Wankhede in the High Court was heard today. For the last two days, Sameer Wankhede has been interrogated by the CBI for five hours every day. Wankhede has claimed that he cooperated with the investigation conducted by the CBI officers for two days following the directions given by the High Court. The CBI has also submitted the report of the two-day investigation in the High Court. After the hearing, Sameer Wankhede has been protected from arrest by the High Court.

Arguments in Court

Abad Ponda, lawyer for Sameer Wankhede : These people (CBI) are investigating the case from 25 October 2021 itself. A Special Inquiry Team (SET) has been constituted. The investigation has been going on for one and a half years.  Notice of 41 A is given. This notice is given to those who do not want to be arrested. They are called for questioning. I am cooperating in the investigation and will continue to do so. Why the mentality to arrest me? I went to Delhi court in this case, I was given relief till Monday. I also appeared in the CBI court for two days in this matter and have cooperated in the investigation. I worked hard to make the city drug free during covid and arrested many people, including Big Shot, now he is taking revenge on me. My superiors have appreciated my work saying that I am doing well.  I am ready to record my answer. WhatsApp chat was given as I was accused of extortion. And only after informing the superiors, the related action of drugs was taken.

Kuldeep Patil, CBI counsel : Investigation of Sameer Wankhede is still incomplete. The duration obtained is not sufficient. Sameer Wankhede is not ready to make any important disclosure yet. I cannot disclose the important part of the investigation. His open communication with Shah Rukh Khan is a violation of government employment rules.

Abad Ponda:  Chat with Shahrukh produced in court is my natural defense right

High Court : Did you publish it in the media? 

Abad Ponda : No, we have submitted in court 

Kuldeep Patil : is trying to do a media trial

Abad Ponda : We did not do a media trial

High Court: Media trial will not work

Abad Ponda : According to the affidavit, CBI started investigation from May 11, 2023. So what happened from October 2021 to May 11, 2023? We have come to the court during vacation because their intention is to arrest us, argues Wankhede’s lawyer Ponda

Abad Ponda : Nowhere in Shahrukh Khan and Sameer Wankhede’s chat is there any doubt about Sameer’s intentions. A father has a dialogue with a father. Nowhere in this, Sameer does not seem to have breached the confidentiality of the investigation. He made a clear statement about his duties. It does not show any transaction or favor. It is clear that even Shah Rukh Khan admits this. 

Kuldeep Patil : These chats are from the time when Sameer was handling the case. Sameer Wankhede presents it like a chat character certificate. We are investigating the allegations. We can make arrest if any evidence is found, investigating officers have complete freedom to take such decision during investigation. After getting relief tomorrow he can tamper with evidence related to any investigation

High Court: We will now discuss the issue of arrest, leaving aside the quashing of the FIR.

Kuldeep Patil : Regarding the child in custody, Shah Rukh Khan’s communication law is very clear, such communication is wrong, the content of the chat is not important but the content of the FIR is important. Can’t say why Sameer Wankhede should not be arrested now, pending investigation. Court should not give protection to Sameer Wankhede yet for proper investigation.

Kuldeep Patil : Investigation is still on and we are in no rush to arrest them

High Court : You take an oath from them that they will be here whenever you need them for investigation.

Kuldeep Patil : We will need two weeks to present our case

NCB : We have submitted our report to the Ministry of Home Affairs which was done by the SET after the enquiry. The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the CBI to investigate the matter.

High Court : Wankhede will not tamper with any evidence, he will not divulge any information related to this investigation to the media which may affect the case, he will always appear before the CBI whenever required during the investigation. If they agree to all these, the protection will continue until the next hearing.

High Court: CBI should present its case by June 3.

Relief to Sameer Wankhede by High Court till next hearing 

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