Refinery in Konkan: Villagers will be edified in places where there is opposition to the refinery; Will there be such a program?

Refinery in Konkan :  After Uday Samant from Konkan became the Industry Minister, now Konkan For Refinery are seen taking initiative. Accordingly, the work of enlightenment will be done in the places where there is opposition. Awareness programs will be conducted through the local administration or the company. In the villages where this project is going to take place and also in the houses where there is opposition to the project, now two youths and women will be appointed for at least 50 families. Now awareness about the project will be done through them. This program will start for three months. Moreover, social media will also be used to promote the project.

What exactly will be the program of enlightenment?
1 ) There is not enough information about the project to the administrative officers, for that a training class should be organized to give complete information about the project to the senior government officials.
2. Organization of training class to provide information about the project to government employees related to rural areas at the grassroots level.
3. Conduct awareness program for the next three months by appointing at least two young men and women for every fifty families to go door to door in the affected villages to inform about the project. For this, the help of social organizations working in the area can be taken.
4. Wide information about the project should be presented to the public through advertisements in newspapers, consulting fake news. Proper awareness should be given through video clips and other information in social media.
5. To show the actual project by visiting the project like Panipat to the representatives of the affected villages.
6. To organize a tour of the Skill Development Center at Bhubaneswar, organized by the Company for local journalists, representatives of educational institutions, to provide employment and jobs to the people of the concerned villages through the Skill Development Training System.
7. To formulate and implement a time-bound program of women’s awareness through all the women self-help groups in the area so that all the women in the area understand the benefits of the project and also ensure that the project does not cause any side effects.
8. Under CSR of Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum companies, organizing medical camp for affected villages, organizing ambulance service, distributing sewing machines to women self-help groups in affected villages for employment generation.
Arrangement of water supply scheme or drinking water tanks in affected villages where necessary. School materials should be distributed to the students of the affected villages.
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