Ramdas Athawale : Although we are Republicans, the rebel panther in our hearts is not over : Ramdas Athawale

Ramdas Athawale : Though we are republicans, the panther in our mind is still not finished. A statement that the rebel panther is still in our hearts Union Minister of State Ramdas Athawale (Minister Ramdas Athawale) did. Want to start Dalit Panther again? Ramdas Athawale said that I am talking to thinkers, writers, journalists and activists about this. Atre from Kalyan had come to Rangmandir for the release ceremony of the book ‘Dalit Panther Krantikari Roondi’ by Ramdas Athawale. This time they interacted.

Publication of Dalit Panther Revolutionary Records Book

The Dalit Panther Movement completed 50 years on Tuesday (November 1). On the occasion of this golden jubilee year, Dr. The publication of the book ‘Dalit Panther Krantikari Rohdi’ written by Vitthal Shinde was done by Ramdas Athawale. Acharya Atre Rangmandir, author of the book  Dr. Vitthal Shinde and Literature Prof. Dr. Pradeep Agalave along with other dignitaries were present. On this occasion, dignitaries highlighted the Dalit Panther’s journey since its inception, its role against oppression of Dalits, active participation in the movement, etc.
Due to the Indian Dalit Panther reaching villages, the amount of injustice and oppression decreased during that time. Atrocities are happening later. Are panthers needed again to prevent these atrocities? Athawale said that we are testing this. This year is the golden jubilee year of Dalit Panther. On this occasion, Ramdas Athawale said that programs are being held at many places in the state. Today Dr. The book ‘Dalit Panther Revolutionary Records’ written by Vitthal Shinde has been published. Also those who have contributed to Dalit Panthers were felicitated. Athawale also said that the families of the martyrs were also honored on this occasion. 

The panther in the mind is not over yet

Indian  Dalit Panther reached every country, state, village. Due to this, the amount of torture was reduced during that time. Athawale said that torture happened later. It is true that atrocities are still happening today. Need a panther again to prevent abuse? Athawale said that we are testing this. We continue to work for the Republican Party. Although we are Republicans, the panther in our hearts is still not finished. The rebel panther is still in our hearts. Want to start Dalit Panther again? Athawale said that he is discussing this with many people.

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