Raju Shetty: Ethanol price should be increased by five rupees, Raju Shetty’s demand to the secretary of the Union Ministry of Petroleum

Raju Shetty : In Brazil in last two years Raju Shetty (Raju Shetty) has made it to Pankaj Jain, Secretary, Union Ministry of Petroleum. Raju Shetty meets Pankaj Jain in Delhi.

Day by day sugarcane area is increasing in the country. Record production of more than 350 lakh tonnes of sugar has started in the country since last two years. The consumption of sugar in the domestic market is 260 to 270 lakh tonnes. Raju Shetty said that if there is a record production of sugar in Brazil and other countries in the future, there will be a big crisis on the Indian sugar industry. At present, 10 percent ethanol is being mixed in petrol as the central government has given permission to make ethanol from sugarcane juice. Due to this, the central government has saved nearly 53 thousand crore rupees in foreign exchange last year. Raju Shetty said that 825 crore liters of ethanol was produced in the country last year from C heavy, B heavy and  straight juice from sugarcane.

Country lags behind in digital technology in agriculture

Sugarcane crop is a sure money crop for farmers in the country. Due to this, a large number of farmers have started turning to sugarcane cultivation. Due to this, the central government has also demanded an increase of five rupees in the ethanol purchase price, considering the highest revenue to the government from this industry and the foreign exchange saved from the purchase of petrol. Meanwhile, a conference was held in New Delhi on behalf of the Bharatiya Krishak Samaj among the country’s farmer leaders and experts on the advantages and disadvantages of digitization in Indian agriculture and the necessary changes in the digital policy of the agriculture sector. Shetty also participated in this conference. Today Digital India is dominating at the country level. But the country is still lagging behind in terms of digital technology in agriculture sector. Shetty said that due to this the farmers have started suffering a lot of losses.

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