Rajaram Sakhar Karkhana : Mahadik group suffered a severe blow as 1346 members of Rajaram Karkhana were disqualified, Satej Patil group

Rajaram Sakhar Karkhana : The ruling Mahadevarao Mahadik group has suffered a severe blow as 1346 members of the bogus and out-of-scope members of Shree Chhatrapati Rajaram Sahakari Sugar Factory, which has been under the spotlight of Kolhapur district, have been disqualified. Therefore, the way for the election of the factory has been cleared and the opposition Satej Patil group has gained a lot of strength with this decision. 

Bogus and 1346 members outside the factory area were disqualified by the Regional Joint Director and  the then Cooperative Marketing Minister. The Bombay High Court upheld the disqualification of those 1346 members, which has come as a shock to the ruling group. This decision was pursued by Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Parivartan Aghadi under the leadership of Satej Patil. A total of 1 thousand 899 objections were filed by Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Parivartan Aghadi regarding the members. Regional Joint Director of Kolhapur took the hearing in this regard and qualified 484 members. Out of this, 1346 members including 1008 disqualified and 338 outside the working area were disqualified by the Regional Joint Director. 

Bombay High Court also dismissed the appeal

These ineligible members filed an appeal with the then Minister of Cooperatives and Marketing. He also dismissed the appeals of the ineligible members and factories and upheld the decision of the Regional Joint Director on February 14, 2020. After that, these ineligible members approached the Bombay High Court. Bombay High Court Justice May. C. V. A detailed hearing was held in front of Bhadang. He rejected the appeal of these 1346 ineligible members and upheld the order. On behalf of Chhatrapati Shahu Parivartan Aghadi, senior lawyer Adv. Ravi Kadam, Adv. P. D. Dalvi, Adv. Kedar Lad supervised the work.

Mahadikas rule over Rajaram Factory for the last 28 years 

Meanwhile, the Rajaram factory has been ruled by the former MLA Mahadevarao Mahadik group for the last 28 years. Therefore, Satej Patil has blown the trumpet to change the power in the factory. The Satej Patil panel was defeated by a small margin in the last election. 

Rajaram Factory Annual Meeting on 30th September

On the other hand, the annual general meeting of Rajaram Cooperative Sugar Factory has been scheduled. There are signs of a strong show of force by the ruling party and the opposition as the meeting is being held at the factory site in Kasba Bawda on September 30 at 11 am. 

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