Raj Thackeray: It is necessary to go beyond caste and look at history, Raj Thackeray made a big claim about ‘Veer Daudle Saat’

Raj Thackeray: For the past few days, there has been controversy over films based on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, based on historical issues

Raj Thackeray is currently on a tour of Konkan on the occasion of party meetings. At that time he interacted with the journalists. He answered various questions on this occasion. In ‘Vedat Veer Daudle Saat’, there was some controversy regarding the names of seven people. Some have said that the names of the seven mavals are different. Talking about this, Raj Thackeray said that in connection with this controversy, he had a discussion with history scholar Gajanan Menhdale. No history page in the world mentions that it was seven, eight or ten. There is no clarity about who accompanied Prataprao Gujjar in any of the pages. Raj Thackeray said that Menhdale said that the names heard so far are fictitious names. Chhatrapati Shivarai sent a letter to Prataprao Gujar, such a letter has not been found anywhere so far. He has a proof that the letter was sent. However, Menhdale said that there is no other proof other than that. ‘Prataparao Gujar Marlia’ and ‘Prataparao Gujar Pada’ are two lines in one letter. Apart from these two lines, there is no mention of that battle in any other place  Raj Thackeray said that Gajanan Menhdale told him.  

Raj also said that he confirmed Gajanan Menhdale’s claim during his discussion with history scholar Jai Singh Pawar during his visit to Kolhapur. He said that there is no reference to it in the pages of history. Raj Thackeray said that things are called powade on some logic to rise from history. History is built through logic. Raj Thackeray also said that it comes out from the nature of things. Raj Thackeray said that there is a need for historians to present some things clearly. 

In the battle of Nesri Khindi in Kolhapur district, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s commander-in-chief Prataprao Gujar along with seven Mawls entered the camp of Mughal Sardar Bahlol Khan with thousands of troops and defeated the Mughal forces. However, in this Prataprao Gujar and Mawlia died heroically.

Attack on Nationalist Congress

Some things about Maharaja are being brought forward for caste politics and it is being attacked by NCP. Raj Thackeray did. He said that this kind of thing started in Maharashtra after the formation of NCP. Sharad Pawar always takes the names Shahu Phule Ambedkar. Shivaji Maharaj is not mentioned in this. Raj Thackeray alleged that work is going on to divide other communities and the Maratha community and poison is being spread in the state since 1999. The Uniform Civil Code is decided by the Central Government. He does not decide the state. He should come. We have already demanded that there should be a uniform civil law, said Raj Thackeray. 

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