Pune weather update: Pune is hot! Talegaon Dhamdhere is the hottest in the district

Pune weather update: Pune is hot!  Talegaon Dhamdhere is the hottest in the district

Pune weather update :  It has come to light that there is a continuous rise in temperature in Pune city. So Punekar is shocked. Today, the temperature has been recorded above 40 degree Celsius in Pune. Difference in temperature was felt in different areas of Pune city. Dhamdere area recorded a temperature of 42.6 degrees Celsius while Shivaji Nagar area recorded a temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius. Due to this increase in temperature, some roads in Pune were dry in the afternoon. 

It was said by Pune observatory that there will be a big increase in temperature in the state including Pune city. Along with that, Pune Observatory also warned that the mercury in Pune city will rise above 42 degrees for the next three days. The state and Pune had been lashed by unseasonal rain for the past few days. Due to this many farmers lost. But after this, the weather department predicted that the sun will burn in the state. 

Temperatures may rise in the coming days and heat wave is likely to hit the city, officials said. A few days ago  The temperature in Shivajinagar touched 40.1 degrees Celsius for the first time in May, while many other parts of the city crossed 40 degrees Celsius. Thamdhere area recorded 42.6 degrees Celsius while Koregaon Park recorded 41.4 degrees Celsius.

Why is the temperature rising?

North Konkan of Maharashtra and central Maharashtra, winds are coming from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Due to this, it is seen that heat and temperature have increased. The situation is similar in Vidarbha too. The temperature will rise across the state. The Meteorological Department has predicted a drop in temperature in the state for the next two days. The weather department has also said that dry weather will remain throughout the state for the next four to five days. The Meteorological Department has appealed to the citizens not to go out of their homes and take care of children between eleven and half past two. 

No heat wave but possibility of temperature rise…

As the temperature is rising, will there be a heat wave in Pune?, the question of many Pune was taxed. However, the officials of the Meteorological Department have clarified that there will not be any kind of hit wave. But even so, the mercury is going to rise. He has also said that the minimum temperature is likely to go up to 43 degrees Celsius.

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