Pune News : ‘That’ Isma, accused by the police in the case of rape and murder, acquitted from death penalty; He will be released from prison after thirteen years

Pune News : ‘That’ Isma, accused by the police in the case of rape and murder, acquitted from death penalty;  He will be released from prison after thirteen years

Pune News :

‘Little Girl Disappears, Body Found Later’

Prakash came to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh in 2010. He reached Thane in search of a job, where he got a job in a workshop. There he lived alone in an eight by eight room in a chali. His routine was to go to work early in the morning and reach home late at night. So no one around knew him very much. But he used to buy some things needed for cooking from a married woman nearby. Sometimes Prakash used to talk to the same woman while going to work. In June, the woman’s six-year-old child suddenly disappeared. Her search was on, Prakash reassured the woman on her way to work the next day. In the evening, the body of a little girl was found in a stream. There was no injury on the body, so the family members wrote to the police that she might have died after falling into the water. So accidental death was registered in the police station. But a shocking thing came out in the autopsy report.

‘Post mortem reveals shocking facts’

The autopsy report prima facie showed that the child was raped and killed. But the family could not digest it. Therefore, Sub Inspector Ganpat Chillawar, who came for investigation, filed a complaint himself. As he became the prosecutor, the investigation was handed over to API Sudhir Kudalkar. The cycle of investigation moved under the supervision of DySP Deepak Devaraj. Then when the police inquired with the family members, it was revealed that Prakash wanted to talk to the victim’s mother. Therefore, Prakash’s room was searched on the second day of the incident. But the police did not find anything. However, he was detained the next day. Then his blood was forcefully taken and applied to the clothes, those clothes were again placed in the Prakash room. After that Panchnama was done and medical reports and evidences were prepared. Prakash was arrested and charged in the case of rape and murder. 

‘Proved that Prakash was blinded for no reason’

Tried in District Sessions Court till 2014 and in High Court till 2015. Then in 2017, the hearing of this case started in the Supreme Court. In this case, BH Marlapalle, a senior lawyer from Pune, drew attention to this case in September last year. Then in the next hearing, he debunked the investigation conducted by DySP Deepak Devaraj, ACP Sudhir Kudalkar and the team, as well as the evidence presented one by one. The entire case came to the notice of the Supreme Court and finally this week it was proved that Prakash was unnecessarily implicated by the police in the rape and murder case. 

Finally Prakash’s release after thirteen years…

 The Supreme Court has acquitted Prakash, who has been in jail for the last thirteen years and is serving the death penalty, informed BH Marlapalle, a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court. The result of this hearing was announced on March 19 and Prakash will be released from jail next week. On this occasion, many questions have arisen on the investigation of the police. Prakash, who went to jail at the age of 24, will be released from jail at the age of 37. He has suffered an irreparable loss as the police implicated him in this case without any reason. Who will pay the price now? Also, who is the murderer who raped and killed the little girl? All these questions have to be answered by the investigating officers. 

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