Pune Koyta Gang : The leader of the Koyta Gang came to meet his girlfriend and was caught by the police…

Pune Koyta Gang : The leader of the Koyta Gang came to meet his girlfriend and was caught by the police…

Pune Koyta Gang : To dominate the local area (Pune Crime News) Also Koyta, Koyta gangs are active in many areas of Pune to terrorize with axes. Like this "neck" The gang was caught by the Pune police in a filmy style and weapons like koyta, palghan, axe, sword have been seized from them. When Mane came to meet his girlfriend, he was detained by the police. 

For the past few months, a Bhai and his gangs are being formed every day in many areas of Pune. Their age is only 18-25 years. The identity of these new Bhai people has been formed by putting on a T-shirt, wearing torn pants, a handkerchief in the pocket, a mask on the face and a koita in hand. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that a new bhaigiri has emerged in Pune. In one such incident now Pune Police has arrested not one or two but as many as 10 people in the case of creating terror with a hatchet and an axe. Sachin Mane gang terrorizing Pune’s Swargate area has been busted by the police. Swargate, Sahakarnagar and Marketyard areas are terrorized by the Mane gang. This gang also has 11 serious crimes like murder, attempted murder, forced theft, extortion. 

To meet a girlfriend and get caught in the police net

Sachin Mane came to meet his girlfriend and got caught in the police net. On the day when Mane was coming to Ghorpadi area to meet his girlfriend, the police laid a trap. When Mane came to Ghorpadi area, he had a kota tied around his waist. The police caught him and at the same time he attacked the police with the coyote he was carrying. The police personnel were injured in this, but the police caught him by the neck. After this, the police also detained his accomplices from different areas. Weapons like koyte, sword, axe, palghan have been seized from all of them.

Bhaigiri in Pune is not a new thing but the pattern of terrorizing with koitas and axes has been seen in the central areas of the city for several months now. Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that such gangs will be crushed. So, even now, do such criminals feel safe with the khaki police? It will be important to see.

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