Pune Dove : Be careful if Pune people are feeding pigeons with grains; A fine of Rs

Pune Dove : Be careful if Pune people are feeding pigeons with grains;  A fine of Rs

Pune News : Punekars are often seen throwing grains to the (Dove) pigeons seen on the streets. Throwing grain to the Parvais is now going to be very expensive for the people of Pune. Pune Municipal Corporation will fine Rs. Many people feed Parvas with the feeling that they will get merit. Therefore, the number of these parva has increased to a great extent. But as these pigeons cause pneumonia and other respiratory disorders, the Municipal Corporation will fine those who feed these pigeons. 

Many localities in Pune have a large number of parves. Sorghum grains are thrown every day on the ghats and river banks of Vriddheshwar-Siddheshwar Ghat, Shaniwar Peth, Narayan Peth in Pune to get Pune. Therefore, hundreds of Parvas gather here. Due to the swarm of hundreds of pigeons gathered, the area becomes unsanitary and stinks. Due to this many people have to face uncleanliness. Many Pune residents are suffering from these birds because of some petty bird lovers. Therefore, a fine will be imposed by the municipal corporation. 

Rise in Lung Diseases

There is a huge amount of people throwing grains in the city. Therefore, swarms of pigeons are seen in many areas. The swarms of these vermin create a lot of unsanitary conditions in the area. Humans are at risk of many lung diseases due to bird droppings and feather dust. Due to this, diseases like pneumokeniosis, pistoplasmosis are increasing in the city. As a result, many people are suffering from chronic cough and respiratory diseases are spreading in some places. 

Feeding increases the number of pigeons

In many places in the city, grains are thrown to the Parvas. So parva accumulates in certain places. But due to this grain the condition of the pigeons improves and as a result the breeding of the pigeons is benefited and their number increases. Because of that, the abodes of pigeons have been created in many places in the city. 

Pune Municipal Corporation wakes up after Thane

Earlier it was decided to fine Thanekar for feeding pigeons. Banners saying ‘Beware of pigeons’ were also put up in the thana. After that, Thane Municipal Corporation also started action. Looking at it now Pune Municipal Corporation has woken up. They too have now decided to levy a fine. The municipality has said that all this work will be reviewed every 15 days. 

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