Pune Crime : Selling menstrual blood in Pune is terrible…; Chandrakant Patal’s reaction

Pune Crime : Selling menstrual blood in Pune is terrible…;  Chandrakant Patal’s reaction

Pune Crime : For witchcraft in the age of science (Pune crime) Pune Guardian Minister Chandrakant Patil has expressed his reaction that selling daughter-in-law’s menstrual blood is a horrible and terrible form. He was speaking on a question asked by journalists outside the legislature in Mumbai. Reactions are coming from all over regarding this disgusting incident in Pune and many people are expressing their anger on this incident. 

He said that "In Pune, the in-laws did a very strange thing to a woman by tying her hands and feet during her period. I don’t even want to talk about it in public. In the age of science, terrible superstitions are increasing in the society. Such terrible things are happening in the society because of superstition. I spoke to Pune Police Commissioner in this matter. After that it was noticed that this incident happened in Pune Rural. followed by Pune Talked to rural police. It has been ordered to impose the strictest possible punishments against the accused. Why do you not feel fear or at least fear the law while doing such atrocious acts."

What’s the matter?

In Pune, which is known as the home of education (Pune crime), a type of crime has come to the fore. A disgusting case of selling the menstrual blood of a married (Black Magic) woman by her in-laws has come to light. The 27-year-old victim has filed a complaint at Vishrantwadi police station in this case. Maharashtra A case has been registered under the Human Sacrifice and Other Inhuman Aghori Practices of Witchcraft Act. All this started from 2019. According to the police, the 27-year-old victim lives in Vishrantwadi area of ​​Pune. The victim and her husband had a love marriage 2 years ago. After this, her in-laws started to torture her mentally. In the wake of Aghori lore, the in-laws tied the hands and feet of the victim during her period, drew her menstrual blood with a cotton swab and sold it for 50,000 rupees for witchcraft. After the victim narrated the incident to her parents, they rushed to the police.

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