Prakash Abitkar : Initiate kidney and liver transplant surgery in CPR; Instructions of MLA Prakash Abitkar

Prakash Abitkar : High cost of kidney and liver transplant surgery is unaffordable for poor patients of the district. Due to this, MLA Prakash Abitkar instructed to start kidney and liver transplant surgery in CPR. Pradeep Dixit during the meeting. 

This time the founder Dr. Pradeep Dixit advised to follow up as it is necessary to take action regarding kidney and liver transplant surgery on poor and poor patients of Kolhapur district. Out of 48 thousand 777 disabled proposals in the district, 18 thousand are pending, MLA Abitkar suggested to extend the camp so that action can be taken in time.

Chaos in gynecology department   

On this occasion, MLA Abitkar visited the gynecology ward of CPR. This time, when the register was inspected, it was seen that the administration was chaotic. He said that the number of referrals to private hospitals for sonography was through CPR, so the fact that patients had to undergo sonography in a private place was serious and suggested immediate improvement and increase in sonography machines. 

Abitkar also said that action should be taken regarding the utilization of the nursing building at Kasba Walve in Radhanagari taluk. 

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