Police’s Social Media Heroism Blamed; Restrictions on preparation of reels, dancing in processions

Police dance Viral Video : You must have seen the police dance in the recently held Ganapati immersion procession. Many videos of this have gone viral on social media. Pune, Latur along with Nashik and other cities of the state also went viral on social media. Not only Ganapati Visarjan, but also in other processions, videos of police dancing have gone viral on social media. Often these videos are appreciated by netizens. In a moment, the heroism of the police is discussed on social media. But now the heroism of the police has been stopped. Police can no longer dance in any program or procession. Or can’t be posted on social media. Because the Special Inspector General of Police of the Law and Order Department has taken strict action against those who share videos on social media of the police, make reels on Facebook. A circular has been issued regarding the behavior of the police. Due to this, now the police who acted heroically during Ganesh immersion have got a big shock.

The police department’s letter came into the limelight after the crackdown on ST women carrier in Osmanabad due to preparation of reels. After that, the behavior of the police in public life was also questioned. Police officers observed this. After that, the opinion was expressed that this action of the police is not acceptable. After that it was decided to impose some restrictions on the police. As a part of that, employees who share videos on social media, make reels on Facebook, were given tambi. Apart from that, senior officials objected to playing musical instruments and dancing in the procession in khaki uniform. Henceforth, police are banned from making reels or dancing in processions. 

The police account is a disciplinary account. Asha behavior can undermine trust in the police and cast doubt on the effectiveness of police operations. Instructions were also given on this occasion to take precautions so that the image of the police is not tarnished. Police Officer Amaldar Maharashtra Instructions to follow the provisions of Civil Service Conduct Rules 1971. Also, the Special Inspector General of Police of the Law and Order Department has issued a circular to all the police in the state to ban heroism.  

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