Panaji-Kolhapur bus stopped at Kankavali station, ST employees accused of giving second-rate treatment in Kolhapur

Sindhudurg: An incident has taken place today where the Panaji-Kolhapur bus was stopped at Kankavali station, alleging that ST employees are being treated second-class after going to Kolhapur. The employees of Kolhapur ST stopped the bus for an hour expressing their anger against the depot manager.

The dispute between Kolhapur and Sindhudurg employees has come to a head in the ST department. After the ST bus from Sindhudurg district goes to Kolhapur, the ST bus driver and carrier get second class treatment. Passengers are not charged at that point. Also, the employees alleged that their mobile phones and ticket ATM machines, which have cash inside, are taken away.  

When the Sindhudurg division ST bus went to Kolhapur, the bus driver was treated like a second class. Also mobile and ticket machine was taken away by Kolhapur Depot Manager Patil today. Due to this, ST employees of Sindhudurg district expressed anger against the Kolhapur ST depot manager. The Panaji-Kolhapur ST bus that arrived at Kankavali bus station in the evening was stopped for one hour. Due to this, the atmosphere in Kankavali station became tense for some time. The ST employees of Sindhudurg district have warned that the bus will not be released until the depot manager comes. At the bus station here, ST Employees Core Committee President Annat Rawle, Secretary Roshan Tendulkar, Ganesh Shirkar etc. protested. 

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