No one has a bow and arrow symbol in the upcoming elections? It may take three to four months regarding sign, party

New Delhi : Upcoming Municipal and Local Self-Government Elections bow and arrow symbol and the name of the party Shiv Sena. Former Chief Election Commissioner S is of the opinion that it is likely to take another three to four months to get the result. Y. Qureshi has expressed. S also opined that there is a possibility of giving other options instead of giving the symbol and party name to anyone. Y. Qureshi has expressed.

S while talking to ABP Mazha. Y. Qureshi said, "Whenever there is a split in the party, the decision is taken by the Election Commission. In 1967, when there was a split in the Congress for the first time, this matter went to the Supreme Court. The court then directed that the Election Commission will take this decision. In this type of decision is taken on the basis of majority rule."

S.Y. Qureshi said, "When the issue of Maharashtra’s power struggle went to the Supreme Court, the court had directed the Election Commission not to take a decision on party symbols at that time. I was surprised at that time. Now the court has taken a stance of not interfering in the work of Election Commission. The issue of party split or dispute over symbol is within the jurisdiction of the Election Commission."

If there is a dispute between two groups regarding the party symbol and one of them approaches the Election Commission, then the Election Commission "Stating that there is a duty, SY Qureshi said that it is a responsibility to give notice to the other group in this regard. Later after receiving the reply from both the sides, it will be heard. After hearing both the sides, the Election Commission takes a decision based on the majority. The Election Commission takes a decision based on two things: how many MLAs and MPs are there as well as elected members and on the other hand which side the office bearer of the party is on."

There is no telling how long this will take

Maharashtra there are municipal elections in a couple of months. SY Qureshi said that it is impossible to decide on the party symbol of Shiv Sena before that.  He said, "Election Commission may take delay in verifying bogus signatures of office bearers. Therefore, it is not possible to say how long it will take to get the final result. The solution is to freeze the Shiv Sena name and symbol Dhanushyaban in the coming elections. Both groups will not get these marks. "

Sy Qureshi said that after freezing the party symbols, both groups are given temporary symbols and names.  SY Qureshi said that it is possible for both groups to challenge the decision in the Supreme Court. After freezing the party symbol, one of the symbols available to the party can be selected. Or if they have a symbol and it does not match the symbol of any party in the country, they can give it to them,” said SY Qureshi. 


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