Nitin Gadkari : Now it will be mandatory for those sitting in the back seat of the car to wear seat belt, Gadkari said…

Nitin Gadkari On Seatbelt New Rule : Union Roads, Transport Minister

Seat belt alarm on the back seat 

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that Cyrus Mistry ( (Cyrus Mistry) I have decided that the seat belt alarm on the rear seat will be the same as the driver’s seat. In an interview to a private news channel, he said that a fine of Rs 1,000 will be levied if the seat belt is not worn on the back seat of the car. I signed this related file. Gadkari also said.

Record of road accidents
Gadkari said that a record of 500,000 road accidents has come up in the country in a year. I am surprised to see that. He said that 60 percent of road accidents involve people aged 18-34.

What is the rule?
Section 138(3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (1989). A seatbelt is provided in the car as per In those cars, it is absolutely necessary for the driver and the person sitting in the front seat to fasten their seat belts. Also, in 5 seater cars, rear seat passengers must wear seat belts. In the 7 seater cars where the rear facing passengers face the front, seat belts have also been made mandatory. Former Suns president Cyrus Mistry on Sunday
Maharashtra. This decision has been taken after this.  Experts have also expressed the need to monitor speeding vehicles and make the use of seat belts mandatory for passengers sitting behind. He has also emphasized that roads should be properly designed to avoid accidents.


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