Nepal Connection in Antilia Explosives and Mansukh Diamond Murder Case? New twist in NIA investigation

Nepal Connection in Antilia Explosives and Mansukh Diamond Murder Case?  New twist in NIA investigation

Mumbai: A new twist has come to light in the case of Antilia explosives and Mansukh Hiren Murder Case, which is famous all over the country. It is said that there is Nepal connection in both these cases. The NIA has been given permission to go to Nepal to interrogate the three accused in the case. 

In-depth interrogation of the accused Santosh Shelar, Satish Mothukuri and Manish Soni in the Antilia Explosives and Mansukh Hiren murder cases has been allowed. On 25 February 2021, an SUV loaded with explosives was found near industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia residence in South Mumbai. After that, nine accused including the main accused Sachin Vaze have been arrested in this case. Both these cases are being investigated by the NIA. 

Antilia Case: What is the case? The suspicious Scorpio car case had caught the attention of the entire country. Because many dramatic events happened after this. A Scorpio car containing 20 sticks of gelatin and a threatening letter was left unattended outside the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani. Later, the owner of this car, Mansukh Hiren, was murdered. 

The dead body of Mansukh Hiren was found in a creek near Mumbyra on 5 March 2021. After that, it was accused by his relatives that Sachin Vaze killed Mansukh Hiran. The investigation was handed over by the ATS to the National Security Agency. Main accused Sachin Vaze, Pradeep Sharma and other accused have been arrested in this case.

Use of money recovered by Sachin Vaze in Antilia and Mansukh Hiren case: NIA

In its chargesheet, the NIA has noted that the money recovered by sacked police inspector Sachin Vaze was used to finalize the Antilia and Mansukh Hiren cases. It was only after the Antilia case that Parambir Singh was accused of ordering the recovery of Rs 100 crore. This recovery was said to be done by Sachin Vazhe. 

The NIA has claimed that the recovery money made by Sachin Vazhe was used in Antilia case and Mansukh Hiren murder case. 

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