Nashik Tomato Market : Did ED, but no job, turned to agriculture, but now tomatoes make me cry!

Nashik Tomato Market : Did DD after 12th, then did business. But since it was our home farm, we got into farming. But the tomato grown after working hard day and night got a price of two kilos. What should we farmers do? No matter which government comes, the death of the farmer is certain, so

Fear of tomato red mud While being expressed, a young farmer named Bhagwan Mahale has planted tomatoes on one acre in Hiridi village of Trimbakeshwar taluk of Nashik. Mahale started farming along with tailoring business as he could not get a job after studying D.Ed. He had planted tomatoes in the field hoping to get money from the tomato crop. He saved his garden with great difficulty by facing the change in climate and unseasonal rain and without getting tired, it stood up again, but now seeing the price that tomatoes have got, a big crisis is facing them. Bhagwan Mahale, a young farmer, said that he studied D.Ed after his 12th standard. But despite trying for a job, he got a job. No, finally started tailoring as a business. Since business is seasonal, decided to get into agriculture. Accordingly, tomatoes were planted this year. About one acre, three pudias i.e. three thousand trees were planted. From the beginning, the crop was raised with a lot of hard work with the family. Diwali came, but the tomatoes were not ready, so we were holding our hands. But after Diwali, the crop started coming out. On the other hand, suddenly the price of tomatoes fell drastically. And everything was worth the price. 

Two and a half rupees per kg… 
On the one hand, money was exchanged here and there to save the standing crop in the field. It is thought that the cost of production will be reduced to some extent and it will cost two paise. A lot of money was spent on spraying. A good price means that further capital can be raised. It was a wish. But the opposite happened. After Diwali, however, the prices collapsed. Yesterday, after 65  carats were taken to the market, the price of only 45 rupees per carat has been fetched. In other words, getting the price of two and a half rupees, the capital will stay away and only vegetables will be left,” Mahale said. 

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