Nashik Sinnar Temple: Why is Sinnar’s Northeast Temple in discussion? Know the history of the temple

Nashik Sinnar Temple :

Nashik district has a historical background and is known as a city of temples. There are ancient temples in many parts of the district which testify to the history. Similarly, after Gondeshwer Mandir in Sinnar taluka, Ishanyeshwer Mandir on Sinnar-Shirdi National Highway in Mirgaon Shivara has come into discussion. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde (Eknath Shinde) had darshan of Sai Baba while on a visit to Shirdi yesterday. After that, their convoy suddenly started on the Sinnar road. He visited Ishanyeshwar temple, which is some distance from Sinnar city, and performed sapatnik puja. After that this temple has come into discussion. 

There is a Hemadpanthi temple named Shree Ishanyeshwar (Ishanyeshwar Temple) on the banks of Jamnadi on the Sinnar-Shirdi national highway at Mirgaon Shivarat in Sinnar taluka of Nashik district. After the consecration ceremony of the idol in the temple was completed on 2010, the temple is open to all devotees for darshan. Meanwhile, the maintenance of this temple is being looked after by Ashok Kumar Kharat, a retired captain from Kahandalwadi. If you look at the legend of this temple, it can be seen that during the construction of the temple, planets, tithi, nakshatra, religion, culture, harmony, sanctity, constant movement of peacocks and foxes in the temple premises, Utteres river of the temple, no human habitation within 200 meters radius of the temple. goes It is said that the wishes of the devotees will be fulfilled. 

Who is Ashok Kumar Kharat?
Ashok Kumar Kharat, who maintains the temple, is a B.Sc. As a graduate, he completed his education in Sailing Department and after training he served 7 years in Indian Shipping Department and later 15 years in Australian Merchant Shipping Department as Captain in Submarine Department and retired after 22 jobs. After that, Captain Ashok Kumar is also known as a political astrologer. Many political leaders of the state visit him. At the same time, Rupali Chakankar of Women’s Commission is also included in the Eshanyeshwar Temple Committee. Krishna Chandgude of Annis has also raised an objection to the Chief Minister’s visit. Chandgude has said that the gift given to Ishanyeshwar temple by the Chief Minister and if its future comes first, it is an extremely irresponsible act. Progressive Maharashtra. Astrology is not a science but a science. Chandgude said that a reward of twenty one lakhs has been kept if someone proves to be a Shasra. 


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