Nashik Rain: Rise in Godavari water level, chest-deep water in Dutondya Maruti, temples under water

Nashik Rain: Due to the presence of rain in the catchment area of ​​Gangapur Dam, 9 thousand cusecs (Water Discharged) from Gangapur Dam has started to be discharged into the Godavari tank. Due to this discharge, the water level of Godavari (Godavari) is currently up to the chest of Maruti, which is considered as an indication of flood. Due to this, the administration has given alert warning to the villages along the river. 

Meanwhile, since yesterday morning, the rainfall has increased in the entire district including Nashik city. There has been heavy rain in some parts of the district since last night. The water level of the Godavari has increased due to continuous flooding in the cities of Nashik as well. So be it the Pataleshwar temple or other Ganga Godavari temples, all the other temples are under water. Discharge was done yesterday in phases i.e. first 1000 cusecs. Then at ten in the morning, 5 thousand cusecs was discharged. After that, this discharge is continuing at a rate of 7000 cusecs till evening night. 

But still rain is continuing in the catchment area of ​​Trimbakeshwar and Gangapur Dam. At the same time, rains are also continuing in Igatpuri. In the catchment areas of other dams in Nashik district, there is heavy rain in Palkhed Dam, Mukne Dam area. Therefore, seeing the situation, water discharge is also being increased there. Therefore, the citizens living on the banks of Godavari river have been alerted. 

The rain water that falls in other places in Nashik cities after discharge of water under Holkar bridge i.e. Gangapur dam. As the city is situated on a hill, the rainwater falls into the Godavari basin. So the speed of water here is more. At present, 930 cusecs of water is being released under the Holkar Bridge. Therefore, as the rainfall is increasing at places in Nashik district, water is being released from Gangapur dam at a rate of 9000 cusecs. Because of this, citizens have been constantly warned. Due to the increase in the water level of Godavari, no one should go near the river. At the same time, the business people here have also been given instructions to relocate elsewhere.  The religious rituals that take place on the banks of the Godavari. It has also been shifted to other places. So overall today is an important day if more and more water discharge is going to be increased. 

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