Nashik News: Suhas will meet Kandena, what is wrong in the family, will ask as a sister: Sushma Andhare

Maharashtra Nashik News: I am not accusing, I am not criticizing. But if there is a family, the sister has the right to ask what is done, what is not done and what is wrong in the family. Suhas Kande is brother. Therefore, the leader of the Thackeray group (Uddhav Thackeray) said that he would ask her as a sister Sushma Andhare said. 

Thackeray group deputy leader Sushma Andhare was in Nashik today to visit the Krishithon exhibition in Nashik. At that time he interacted with the media. She was talking at that time. Mahaprabodhan meetings will be held in Nashik, Malegaon, Nandgaon. Because Dada Bhuse, Suhas Bhau, Hemant Godse are all brothers in this area. Will meet all these brothers. He is going to ask what is wrong in the family. But we are also seeing how much the rituals of the brothers have deteriorated. He also criticized that our brothers, who once spoke of Balasaheb’s legacy of Shivraya, have changed their nature after the defection of Bharatiya Janata Party and the BJP’s attitude of demeaning women is also visible in their body. 

Sushma Andhare said on Nitesh Rane that her Neetu and Neelu are very aggressive. Narayan Rane did not give him good manners. The two brothers had tweeted the video earlier, but that video is old. Thoughts have to be refuted. But their ideological study is less. Andhare also teased the Rane family that they were upset because they went to Kankavli and took their homework. 

Tashere on Governor, Fadnavis, Chitra Wagh

Sushma Andhare took  Home Minister Governor, Fadnavis and Chitra Wagh on edge in a press conference. Devendra Fadnavis is ineffective as Home Minister. They act as if they belong to the same party. On the one hand, women get a case filed just because they are shocked. But even if some people insult women, a case is not registered. At the same time, there are allegations that the Governor is a full-time worker of the BJP. Ramdev Baba made derogatory statements about women. At that time Amrita Fadnavis was present, she did not say anything. If it was me, I would have been scolded there. On the other hand, violence against girls is increasing. A girl was raped in a hostel in Nashik. Fadnavis is ineffective as Home Minister and all the accounts are with Fadnavis.  Does this mean other BJP people have no common sense? Andhare asked this question to Fadnavis. Moreover, the people who once spoke the language of slapping shoes, are now meeting each other. Pooja Chavan raised the issue only for his own political ambitions. You are showing power by provoking journalists. The moment she resigns from the BJP, I will stand as a sister, advised Chitra Wagh. 

Attack on Chief Minister

Sushma Andhare severely criticized Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. She said, where does the present Chief Minister go to the ministry. What will Kamakhya Devi consume? Who will pay attention in the state while those people go there. You allege that Uddhav Saheb used to sit at home. But our brother Eknath does not go to ministry. They constantly go out to eat for Ganapati, Navratri, and Pitru Paksha. When they get time from that, they go to show their hands.

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