Nashik News : New plan to break the traffic jam of Nashik city, Nashik, Police, Municipal Road Authority together

Nashik News : Nashik The problem of traffic jam (Traffic Jam) in Nashik city is increasing day by day and to break this jam, it is suggested to construct small bridges parallel to the main flyover at some places, believing that the flyover can ease the traffic. Nashik City Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknaware (Police Commissioner) has expressed.

A joint meeting was held between Police Commissioner Jayant Naik Navare Municipal Commissioner Chandrakant Pulkundwar and Highways Authority to facilitate and smooth traffic in Nashik City. . At the beginning of the meeting, Amol Tambe Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Pournime Chaugule, Deputy Commissioner Traffic, gave detailed information about the solution to the traffic problems in Nashik city and mainly about how the traffic problems at Dwarka Mumbai Naka and Indira Nagar Tunnel will be solved. Commissioner of Police Nashik City how the construction of small flyovers parallel to the main flyover at some places will help ease of traffic. Gave guidance in this regard. 

Also, in order to solve the traffic problem at Mumbai Naka, it is necessary to take quick action on the earlier proposal to reduce the width of Mumbai Naka circle and implement the signal system at that place. Municipal Commissioner Pulkundwar said that due to the vehicles passing on the flyover and on the highway, rain water and mud are constantly flowing on the road. Due to this, the number of accidents along with traffic congestion has increased. That is why the Highway Authority has given instructions to take immediate measures in this regard. He also said that the ongoing road pothole repair work will be done at a faster speed after the rains recede. Nashik Police, Nashik Municipal Corporation and Highways Authority have formed a committee and decided to hold a monthly review meeting regarding traffic planning. . After the meeting, Police Commissioner, Nashik City Municipal Corporation Commissioner visited Indiranagar Tunnel, Mumbai Naka Circle and Dwarka and gave instructions to the concerned officials. For the smoothening of traffic in Nashik, for the first time a large number of officials are meeting and planning steps are being taken to facilitate traffic in Nashik. The number of vehicles in the city is also increasing day by day. So we are facing the problem of traffic congestion. For this, signal systems, traffic islands have been created at various places. However, it is clear that concrete measures are necessary to solve the traffic jam. Meanwhile, for the first time, Nashik residents are expressing satisfaction as three important departments of Nashik city are coming together to solve this. 

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