Nashik News : From Moha flowers to Ladoo, Barfi, Biscuits, Bread including Seventeen Dishes, Know Health Benefits with Recipes

Nashik News : Mochachi flower (butter tree) comes to mind. However, the women of the tribal community have made a record of making seventeen kinds of food from these flowers. According to a tribal woman businessperson, seventeen dishes including ladoo, barfi, biscuit, bread are prepared. In the city of Nashik, Tribes’ Pride Day was organized on the occasion of tribal day. In this, stalls were set up in Rajbhar. In this information was obtained from the ingredients of Moha flowers. 

Meanwhile, in Peth, Surgana, Trimbak areas of Nashik district, alcohol is still made from moh flowers illegally in many places. But he said that Vagvit started the business of making laddus and other products with high nutritional value of these flowers after banning liquor instead of making liquor. Since the lockdown started two years ago, the hand has been out of work. Meanwhile, we used to go to pick moh flowers, this is where the idea of ​​making other products from moh flowers came. Surekh Gavit said that there is a huge demand for this food today. Importantly, these ladvas have come up with a great alternative to malnutrition. 

Meanwhile, Surekha Gavit made seventeen dishes from these moh flowers and put them up for sale at Nashik’s tribal festival. In this, he made Laddu, three types of chutney, wet chili, red chili, chakli, three types of chakli, shankar palle, petha, barfi, bread, cake, biscuit, bornvita, balushahi, donut etc. are Specially, mohaflowers contain protein, calcium, minerals, fiber, energy and ‘C’ Vitamin content is high. Therefore, Gavit also informed that a person can get good nutrition from moh flower products. These trees bloom between March and May. These flowers fall from the tree. They are collected and dried. These flowers are mixed with some ingredients to form its ladles. These ladoos have been placed by the forest department at the sales center near Nane Ghat entrance on Malshej Ghat road and are becoming popular with tourists. The tribals of Gadchiroli district make foods like laddoos, jams, sorbets, puranpoli from the flowers. Tribal women in Murbad have also started a home industry of making mohaful ladoo after learning about it. These ladvas are getting good popularity.

New means of livelihood
Mohachi flower collection is because it is hard work and one has to get up early in the morning to collect this flower. Because moha flowers are available on the tree for a limited time. Similarly, their shelf life is also very short. In the beginning, only passion flower liquor is made. This was the only information available, but now we can make many products and build a business out of them, Yeu tribals have come to know. Moreover, since moh flowers are important for health, there is also a demand for these foods. Bananas contain three times more protein and vitamins than milk and raisins. So this business can be transformed into an industry in the future. 

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