Nashik Murder: The murder of a famous entrepreneur of Nashik, the autopsy report revealed a shocking fact

Nashik Murder : Malegaon Taluka (Malegaon Police) is currently working to register a case of murder.

The challenge is to investigate whether Shirish Sonavane, a furniture dealer in Nashakat, was assaulted or died of natural causes. It is going to be in front of the police.. because the body of the missing businessman Shirish Sonwane was found in the canal of Saitarpade Shivara in Malegaon. At that time the police   According to the inspection, serious injuries were found on Sonawane’s body, which added to the mystery of the case. Finally, after the autopsy, it has come to light that Sonawane was murdered. It has been revealed in the autopsy report that the death was due to a blow to the head. 

Sirish Sonwane, the director of a furniture vocational school bench manufacturing factory at Eklahare Road in Nashik city, was missing. But yesterday his dead body was found in a canal in Saitarpade Shivara in Malegaon taluk. The police have said that there are serious injuries on the body of deceased Sonwane. Shirish Sonawane owns a factory for making school benches in Eklahare area of ​​Nashik. He was missing since Saturday. In this regard, a complaint was filed in the Nashik Road Police Station that the employees of the factory were missing. According to this, the Nashik Road police formed two teams and started the investigation based on the information received and checking the CCTV footage. 

While the investigation was going on, the police found the dead body of Sonawane in the canal of Saitarpade Shivara in Malegaon taluka, the business circles have become agitated. At this time, wounds were found on his body, adding to the mystery of his death. Finally, after the autopsy report, the police say that Sonawane was murdered. According to the post-mortem report, Sonawane has stab wounds on his head. This has increased the suspicion of the police. But the police are investigating who exactly committed the murder and for what purpose.

Who is Shirish Sonawane?
Sonawane, who lives in Dhule district, was employed in the railways. As his brother had a bench making factory in Dhule, he shifted from Dhule to Nashik Road Railway Station with the aim of doing this business in a big city. First police work started in front of Bitco College and then Sinner Fata. Later, after starting a factory in the name of his wife Ujjwala in the Eklahare Road area, he resigned from the railway job after seeing the success in the business. There is a special demand for bench purchase from Sonavane factory from all over the state including the country

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