Nashik Kalika Devi: One hundred tolas worth of jewelry, one hundred and fifty kilos of mahirap, one crore insurance to Kalika Devi of Nashik.

Nashik Kalika Devi : Nashik‘s Kalika Devi temple is known as the village deity Navratri Festival (Navratri 2022) has started and a large number of devotees have gathered and this year Kalika Mata is dressed in 100 tola ornaments and a 150 kg silver mahirap has been erected. Also, an insurance of one crore has been taken out for 100 kg of ornaments of Kalika Mata. 

The temple of Kalika Mata, which is close to the old Agra Road of Nashik, is a special attraction of Nashikers, adding to the glory of Nashik. After two years of interruption, the spirit of Sharadiya Navratri has spread among the devotees with great enthusiasm this year. The Navratri festival of Kalika Mata Devi temple, the village deity of Nashik, has started from today and devotees have been thronging to see the goddess since this morning. The temple administration has made preparations for Navratri and today it is seen that the devotees are waiting for darshan on the first day. Moreover, the mahirap of the Devi temple has been erected in the form of approximately 150 kg of silver. Apart from this, the temple administration committee has also taken out an insurance of one crore for these ornaments. Along with this, the devotees have also been insured for two crores. This jewelery is kept safe by keeping it in a locker at other times. Meanwhile, the devotees are getting to see the adorable form of Kalika Devi with 100 tolas ornaments. Jadhav, a devotee from Nashik, has offered necklaces worth 51,000 to the goddess, while Uttamrao Mahale has offered half a kilo of silver for the feet of the goddess. />Meanwhile, the Sharadiya Navratri festival has started from today and the devotees are seeing a rush from early morning. Kakad Aarti at three o’clock in the morning and installation of trustees at five o’clock in the morning, Mahapuja at seven o’clock in the morning, Mahapooja and aarti by political, social and spiritual dignitaries of Nashik, Shreenchi Naivedya and Aarti at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, Bhajan program has been organized by women’s groups from one to five in the afternoon. . At seven o’clock in the evening mangal instruments are required and at twelve o’clock in the night Maha Aarti will be performed. The temple administration has expressed the possibility that one to one and a half lakh devotees will visit Kalika Mata on an average day. 

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