Nashik Crime: Crazy in love! Bhuli injection given to husband for boyfriend, shocking type in Nashik

Nashik crime : Nashikthe crime incidents are increasing day by day and this is tarnishing the image of the city. Some past incidents show that women are also involved in crime along with men. A shocking incident has come to light in Nashik where a second wife with the help of her friend tried to kill a doctor husband by injecting Bhuli. . While this incident is still fresh, now the doctor’s wife has tried to kill her husband by injecting Bhuli. Due to this, there has been excitement in the medical field along with the locality. A shocking incident has come to light in the city of Nashik where a second wife tried to kill a doctor husband by injecting Bhuli with the help of her friend in the crowded Mhasrul area of ​​Nashik. Further investigation is underway by the police and it is suspected that this incident took place due to a dispute between them and a family feud.

According to the police, according to the complaint received at the Mhasrul police station, on September 10, Satish Deshmukh, a well-known doctor in the Mhasrul area, was assaulted by his second wife and her friend. An attempt was made to kill Jiwa by giving a higher dose of Bhuli injection. The matter came to light as soon as the doctor posted about it on his family WhatsApp group. Meanwhile, Dr. Deshmukh is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital and a case has been registered against his wife and her boyfriend on September 24 for attempted murder. Doctor Pati Deshmukh was in love with the concerned woman. From that love, they got registered marriage. But after the doctor husband realized that this second wife was having an immoral relationship, he asked the second wife and her lover about this. This led to an argument between the three. After this dispute, the second wife got angry and tried to kill the doctor husband by injecting Bhuli in the hospital itself. In this case, a case has been registered against the doctor’s second wife along with her boyfriend on the complaint filed by the victim doctor’s son.

During the first wife’s suicide
the doctor’s son filed a complaint after the doctor was given an injection of Bhuli. This son belongs to the doctor’s first wife. Interestingly, the doctor’s first wife committed suicide a few years ago due to his immoral relationship with his now suspected wife. He was in jail for five or six years as a case was registered against the doctor in the suicide case of his first wife. After that, after getting together again, they got married. But this incident happened as the concerned woman fell in love with someone else again. 

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