Nashik Crime: Bogus certificate racket exposed in Nashik’s district hospital, involvement of senior doctors, staff along with police

Nashik Crime :

The applications were submitted by 22 police officers across the state before May 18, 2022 for inter-district transfer. Along with that application, he had submitted a forged certificate signed by the medical officers of the Nashik and Dhule district hospitals that the relative was seriously ill. Hira Kanoj, a clerk in the office of the Superintendent of Police, helped prepare fake certificates without properly checking the documents along with this application. For that, the medical officers of Nashik and Dhule district hospitals also helped in preparing the fake serious illness certificate of the relatives of the applicant police officer. From that, the medical officer staff and clerk helped the applicant police officers for inter-district transfer. The racket was solved after additional sub-divisional police officer Khangendra Tembhekar filed a complaint at Nashik taluka police station.

According to the government decision, one of the conditions for inter-district transfer is the condition of surgery. Accordingly, some applicants submitted fake reports. After realizing this, the racket was exposed after an investigation by the hospital administration. The mess has been revealed and notices have been given to the concerned. Has anyone else given bogus certificates for intra-district transfers? Nashik Rural Superintendent of Police Sachin Patil informed that this is being investigated.

Involvement in the racket
After discovering the involvement of Hira Kanoj, a clerk in the office of the Superintendent of Police, in the racket of bogus certificates, they was arrested. A case has been registered against Hira Ravindra Kanoj, Senior Clerk of Nashik Superintendent of Police Nashik, Medical Officer of Dhule District Hospital, Junior Clerk Kishore Pagare along with liftman of the hospital, as well as doctors of two hospitals in the city.

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