Nashik Civil Hospital: Two ventilators in Nashik district hospital are closed, while the maternity ward is waiting to be opened in Zakir Hussain.

Nashik Civil Hospital : In the SNCU department of the Amravati District Hospital, there was an incident of death of newborn babies due to short circuit of the ventilator. Taking serious notice of this incident, the health department has taken an important step in this regard. The company provided ventilators to 11 district hospitals in the state. It has been ordered to be closed. Accordingly Nashik Two ventilators of the SNCU department of Nashik District Hospital have been shut down. 

Amravati Hospital had a fire due to short circuit. These ventilators have been procured from a private limited company at Hopkin level in the state. Taking note of the incident in Amravati, the Joint Director of Health Department has ordered that all the ventilators of the concerned company should be inspected by May AOV after taking note of the incident in Amravati as the ventilator of this hospital supplied by the company caught fire due to short circuit. The order said that these ventilators should not be used unless the AOV reports that they are fit for use. Ventilators should be mapped as these devices are considered as life saving devices. It has been stated that care should be taken to ensure that the equipment remains in good condition and running condition. 

Dr. Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital has been closed for the past two years, especially since there is not a single corona positive patient in this 160-bed hospital. Due to this, while the administration is making moves to start a maternity ward in this hospital, now again Dr. A shocking fact has come to light that Zakir Hussain is being refused to come to the hospital. As the maternity ward of Doctor Zakir Hussain Hospital of Nashik Municipal Corporation is closed, women are suffering a lot. Dr. of Nashik Municipal Corporation during Corona period. As the ward of Zakir Hussain Hospital is closed and there are no patients for treatment, the hospital is currently empty. 

Maternity closed for two years
Dr. who is the main Kovid Hospital of the Municipal Corporation after the wave of Corona subsided. Zakir Hussain Hospital is being demanded to be used again for all patients. Also, there is a demand to reopen the maternity ward in this hospital. Dr. Zakir Hussain Hospital used to have more than 450 deliveries in a month, but the maternity ward of the hospital was closed since the arrival of Corona. Due to this, the employees at this place got transferred to a convenient place. But now when efforts are being made to start the maternity home, it has come to light that the employees are refusing to come

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