Nagpur Police: Nagpur Police ‘watch’ on criminals who take bail and also provide lawyers

Nagpur News : Nagpur Police has scored a unique double century when the city is known as ‘Gunhepur’ due to increasing crime and burglary incidents in the city. The Nagpur police has claimed that crime has come under control in Nagpur city due to this double century. Police have jailed more than 100 Sarai gangsters in Makoka in the last year and a half. Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar (CP Amitesh Kumar) provided.

Special attention also to those who help criminals

Not only this but who takes the bail of innkeepers after committing crime in Nagpur? Provides a lawyer for them? The Nagpur police is also keeping a close eye on this. Important cases have also been assigned to senior officials to pursue in court battles so that the arrested criminal gets severe punishment from the court. The Commissioner of Police says that there has been a reduction in crime.

The pressure on the police continues due to vacant positions!

The Deputy Commissioner of Police in the city was transferred fifteen days ago. After that those seats were kept vacant. Due to this, the workload increased. Although the city recently got two Deputy Commissioners of Police, the pressure on police officers shows no signs of easing. Currently, among the three Deputy Commissioners of Police, Chinmoy Pandit is in charge of Crime Branch, Special Branch, Cyber ​​and Financial Cell. Sandeep Pakhale is in charge of circles five and two. Chetna Tidke is in charge of circle 1 and traffic wing.

Increase in burglary incidents

During the Diwali holidays, burglary season started in the city. Incidents of burglary took place under various police stations in the city. Some of the incidents that have come to light have revealed the involvement of a family member or a working servant in many of these incidents. Although some of these incidents have been solved by the police, many are yet to be revealed.

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