Nagpur News : ‘Honour’ of former MLAs in ruins; 50, 100 for sale

Nagpur News : Former mayor of Nagpur city, former MLA of BJP, President of Teachers Co-operative Bank Prof. Anil Sole (Anil Sole) received various awards and honors so far found at a scrap dealer today. There, Bhangarwala was found selling these awards for Rs 50 to 100. Some people were seen thronging there to buy awards/honor badges received by former MLAs. People present said that this kind of thing is shocking.

Former MLA, President of Teachers’ Cooperative Bank, Anil Sole has received many honors and awards from various organizations and universities. The awards they received were sold in scrap shops. It has come to light that the award was sold for 50 to 100 rupees. Therefore, it is being said that honor has been ‘wasted’. Anil Sole was a MLA from the Graduate Constituency of the Nagpur Legislative Council. During that time, he was felicitated by many leading organizations and organizations with which he is associated, and honored him by giving awards or honours. 

Self-Assistant Run

Prof. The award or honor received by Solen includes a medal of honor given by the Gondwana University, Gadchiroli on the occasion of the fifth anniversary. The memorial sign of Bharat Mata’s photograph given by the Martyr Memorial Day program organized by Chimur MLA Bunty Bhagia, the Smriti Signs of Lokmanya Cultural Sports Board Rashimbagh, the inspiration of the Vidarbha Hindi Sahitya Sangh, and the memorial of the RSS chief Golwalkar Guru. . Sole’s personal assistant Vijay Fadnavis and his office got information that the awards received by Sole were in the scrap shop. 

What about sold awards? 

As soon as he got the information, he immediately came to Bhangarwala at Ramdas Peth. All awards were returned from him. Sole’s office is being shifted at that time. So these awards were kept in a sack. Employees asked to sell junk. But they must have thought it was junk and brought the prize sacks here. We were looking for those sacks to keep the awards in the new office. At that time we got information that the award was with the junk seller. Reached here immediately and took back all the awards. However, in the midst of this drama, some awards were bought by unknown persons for 50 and 100 rupees. What is it, the question is being raised on this occasion.

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