Nagpur Crime : Today Jail, Tomorrow Bell Aur Phir Wahi Purana Khel… ; A notorious criminal’s flight from the police van itself

Nagpur News : A video is currently going viral on social media which shows how stubborn the criminals in Nagpur are and how determined they are even in police custody. The accused, who was arrested on charges of murder a week ago, was brought to court by the police. This time, the companions recorded the video of him playing film dialogues from the police van itself. So in police custody (Nagpur Police) The determination of the accused has been exposed.

When a person commits a crime, the police arrest him. They are also behaving in such a way as to dispel the fear of him in the society and for others to learn from him. But this incident has revealed that the criminals are trying to create terror outside the police custody with the help of their accomplices. On the night of 13th November, a young man named Roshan Bihade was murdered in the limits of Pachpawali Police Station of Nagpur. The accused who were arrested on the charge of this murder were brought to the court by the police. At that time, one of the accused in the murder, Athabi Indurkar, was filmed by other youths from his own gang while speaking film dialogues from the police van.

50 lakhs ‘tip’!

In the viral video, the criminal was shot by his friends while speaking the dialogue ‘Aaj Jail, Kal Bel Aur Phir Wahi Purana Khel…’. Also, his attempt to spread terror was seen through this video. This criminal did not stop there. He is also seen telling other friends of his gang that he will get another tip of 50 lakh rupees i.e. criminal work after getting out of jail.

‘Special accommodation’ of criminals by the police

While this criminal is sitting in the police van in police custody, his friends are also asking him whether he got gutkha kharra sarva. After these videos went viral, the question has arisen as to how determined the criminals are even in police custody and whether they are kept in front of the police by other criminal friends.

Court cell becomes ‘meeting point’

After being arrested by the police, the accused is produced in the court. Also those who are in jail in various cases are also produced in the court on the date of the case. At this time, when the accused are presented in the court, if the policeman on duty is given a hug, the companions of the accused can be seen talking freely with him while standing outside the court premises and outside the courtroom. Also, it is known that many times Kharja, tobacco and Gutkha are being secretly given to these accused by him.

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